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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone taking the trouble to read this, my first blog of 2017. That in itself might put you right off as it’s apparently very annoying to be wished Happy New Year after the first week of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – belated.

Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this. I’ve been flatlining on readers by the looks of things, probably because my last blog was in October and even the most persistent of readers will probably not keep popping … Continue reading

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Waving not drowning

The usual thing, when visiting a friend, is to settle down with a chat and a cup or something or even better, a glass of something. Visiting my pal Sabina in tropical Zummerzet those things are secondary to going down … Continue reading

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Turtling around

  I like to have a day off on my birthday. Being at work kind of spoils the celebration of still being alive because you have to behave professionally, not drink and there is a total ban on swimming cozzies … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

The year 2015 arrived amid twiglets, cheesy footballs, copious amounts of excellent champagne and a jaw-droppingly spectacular display of fireworks on the telly. After a nice sleep, it was off to Wales for a Big Breakfast with son #1 and … Continue reading

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Restoration and Eastern promise

After a thoroughly busy challenging working week last week, it’s been a restorative relaxing weekend back in the homeland. I never expect much of Wales in November. They don’t call it “liquid sunshine” like they do in St Lucia, it’s … Continue reading

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Quizzers and chips

So I did my swotting for tonight’s Quiz Night by revising the capital of Burkina Faso. It had been a particularly demanding and full-on day at work, only slightly alleviated by cake, so I decided to make limited African geography … Continue reading

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The longest last day…with added cuttlefish

Well it IS long when you’re long-hauling it across the Atlantic… and so it continues. Apologies for the enthusiasm. This is making me realise that I still write my diaries as though I’m 12.   “Had about four hours sleep … Continue reading

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What I did on my holidays – the last day

Today was the most freezing, foggy, dismal day of the winter so far so this is a remedial blog taken from the journal of a holiday in St Lucia in the Caribbean.   “Well this is terrible planning on my … Continue reading

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  Well, it was Mothers’ Day recently so I indulged myself and rustled up some family to visit one of my favourite beaches in Wales – Mewslade on the Gower, Wales. At low tide, it’s beautiful stretch of rufous sand … Continue reading

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