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Restoration and Eastern promise

After a thoroughly busy challenging working week last week, it’s been a restorative relaxing weekend back in the homeland. I never expect much of Wales in November. They don’t call it “liquid sunshine” like they do in St Lucia, it’s … Continue reading

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Just a brief post as I’ve been busy galavanting  in the Land Of My Fathers. Slightly miraculously for this time of year, the sun has been shining! The misty-moistiness of Gloucestershire and old-knicker grey of Monmouth gave way to clear … Continue reading

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Quizzers and chips

So I did my swotting for tonight’s Quiz Night by revising the capital of Burkina Faso. It had been a particularly demanding and full-on day at work, only slightly alleviated by cake, so I decided to make limited African geography … Continue reading

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Danger! Homely remedies!

Reluctant as I am to put anyone off trying sensible remedies for minor ailments, I admit this can result in doing more harm than good. Very recently when, due to a frantic flurry of tidying, chucking out and cleaning, I … Continue reading

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The longest last day…with added cuttlefish

Well it IS long when you’re long-hauling it across the Atlantic… and so it continues. Apologies for the enthusiasm. This is making me realise that I still write my diaries as though I’m 12.   “Had about four hours sleep … Continue reading

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A comical signature dish

I’m used to watching Masterchef on TV and feeling teeny pangs of failure and regret, realising that “Oh noooo!” my mille feuille didn’t have enough layers or my tarte tartin should have been puff pastry not shortcrust. To my deep … Continue reading

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A shot in the dark

      It was achieved by me, in the spare bedroom in pitch darkness, with two box files balanced on top of each other, covered by a black pashmina with a desk lamp behind and a glass of merlot … Continue reading

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Christmess time

You can tell we’ve entered the season of Goodwill, Boundless Bling and Over-indulgence when festive Christmas tree pictures are featured in the newspapers. Today’s tree was from Bradford-on-Avon where it’s reported that the poor long-suffering residents had to endure a … Continue reading

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Food photography: my own, personal cheesus

There’s an obvious advantage to taking photographs of food.  This explains why I’ve just had some Jarlsberg, some Cornish Yarg and a small glass of port. It had to be done to help tidy up the remains of my photographic … Continue reading

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Orchids are a dream to grow. The plants on my kitchen windowsill require nothing but a little water once a week, and while some people think that orchids are a bit untidy and random – which mine are –  they … Continue reading

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