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High Tea

  Richmal Crompton was big on high teas. William Brown would poke his grubby visage around the door of the drawing room to find his sister Ethel and boyfriend nibbling cucumber sandwiches and sipping tea from bone china tea cups … Continue reading

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Super Sludge

  Sludge must be one of the most mysterious things on earth. That’s the whole thing about sludge, it can be made of anything at all and you haven’t the faintest clue. Sludge is at the bottom of the pond… … Continue reading

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Restoration and Eastern promise

After a thoroughly busy challenging working week last week, it’s been a restorative relaxing weekend back in the homeland. I never expect much of Wales in November. They don’t call it “liquid sunshine” like they do in St Lucia, it’s … Continue reading

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A comical signature dish

I’m used to watching Masterchef on TV and feeling teeny pangs of failure and regret, realising that “Oh noooo!” my mille feuille didn’t have enough layers or my tarte tartin should have been puff pastry not shortcrust. To my deep … Continue reading

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Deeply dippy – the perfect egg

Multi-Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal knows his stuff, right? So his allegedly fool-proof way of perfect soft-boiled eggs the Heston way must work? Reluctant, though I am to give any credence to a man with the same name as a … Continue reading

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Dog training for cat #fail

The thing about training a cat like a dog is that… it’s quite different and…well, I’ll admit that the results are frankly, patchy. After nearly two weeks of having treat-coated antibiotic pills for his abcess, Leo is still plainly enthusiastic … Continue reading

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The Mouse Guest

Benjamin Franklin said “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Well, we’ve had a guest in the dining room for twelve days and that was eleven days too many. It was my fault in the first place.  I … Continue reading

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Don’t make me hate you, Colin

It’s oddly paradoxical isn’t it, how someone being ridiculously over-friendly, over-solicitous and nice makes you want to kill avoid them? No? Just me then. Colin, the irritating chap from the Fast Show sketch who tells terrible jokes and laughs at … Continue reading

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Lyme Surprise

Lyme Regis was a surprise which turned into a delight.  Sounds a bit gushing, but it’s true. The town sits at the bottom of hills where the rushing River Lym flows into the sea.  I loved the beautifully preserved Georgian … Continue reading

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2012 in pictures

Well I thought about writing a blog reviewing 2012 and then I thought, but hang on uno momento, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not just plunder the photo albums?  So I did. These are mostly Wales, Gloucestershire, … Continue reading

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