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Happy New Year – belated.

Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this. I’ve been flatlining on readers by the looks of things, probably because my last blog was in October and even the most persistent of readers will probably not keep popping … Continue reading

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Soft, gentle and consistent

The tone of voice in dog training is key, according to the woman on the radio this morning who sounded like Joanna Lumley’s slightly less posh sister. She said “soft, gentle, positive and consistent” and I thought “Hmmm. I suppose … Continue reading

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Dog training for cat #fail

The thing about training a cat like a dog is that… it’s quite different and…well, I’ll admit that the results are frankly, patchy. After nearly two weeks of having treat-coated antibiotic pills for his abcess, Leo is still plainly enthusiastic … Continue reading

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A bit of a trot

I’m keeping up with the Blog a Day Challenge and thinking that you won’t particularly want to hear that I’m going out for a trot in a minute. But it’s not raining and a half hour trot is incredibly refreshing … Continue reading

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A Festival of Birds

After a week of soggy gloom, the sun had his hat on as we arrived at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge on the first day of February. There was lots going on because it’s the Festival of Birds … Continue reading

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Did the earth move for you?

Well, yes, agreed….  the last blog was pretty curmudgeonly so I’m making amends by sharing one of my big huge shut-up-now-forgoodnessake enthusiasms. With a bit of luck they will make the earth move, they certainly blow your neural cortexes if … Continue reading

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Getting hammered at Lyme Regis

The kid ahead of me on the beach must have been about four years old. He wore baggy little jeans, warm red jacket and cute little bobble hat pulled well down over his ears against the cold. He was so … Continue reading

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A tale of two rides

It’s Spring!  Everyone says so and the evidence was all there when I went for the first of a couple of really peachy longish bikes rides about ten days ago. There were lots of tweety birds in the lanes, small … Continue reading

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Dog Training for Cats – the last update (perhaps)

I wasn’t intending to write any more Dog Training for Cats blogs. I thought I’d taken the observations as far as I could go really, recognising finally that while cats are from Venus, dogs are from Mars. Two different species, … Continue reading

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2012 in pictures

Well I thought about writing a blog reviewing 2012 and then I thought, but hang on uno momento, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not just plunder the photo albums?  So I did. These are mostly Wales, Gloucestershire, … Continue reading

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