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A frosty morning

You know how it is. You open the bedroom curtains, not expecting much beyond a rain-spattered windowpane and hey presto, it’s all happening! This particular morning, when blissfully I was not expected into work until 10.30am, there was a widespread … Continue reading

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Dog training for cat #fail

The thing about training a cat like a dog is that… it’s quite different and…well, I’ll admit that the results are frankly, patchy. After nearly two weeks of having treat-coated antibiotic pills for his abcess, Leo is still plainly enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Roamin’ in the gloamin’

Camusdarach Beach is on the northwest coast of Scotland.  I wanted to see it because it’s one of the beaches featured in the David Puttnam film Local Hero. It’s where Ben’s shack was built against the sand-dunes at the far … Continue reading

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The sun, the sea

Sunrise,  6.55am on Sunday morning, Weymouth, Dorset. You have to be quick to catch it. The light changes so quickly.  One minute and the sun was risen, pouring out from a golden horizon. Two minutes and it had risen into … Continue reading

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