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Selfie? You can stick it.

We just haven’t got enough photographs of ourselves, have we? You may have albums full of yourself with the family, the dogs, the cats, birthday dinners, Christmas around the Trivial Pursuit board (just kidding ok, no-one, ever took that picture) … Continue reading

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Kew Gardens

Popped into Kew Gardens on a whim recently. Just happened to be saying goodbye to #2 son at Heathrow, needed petrol at Heston Services and before heading West with a heavy heart, checked to see what was going on at … Continue reading

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Apple-bobbing + a pudding joke

I’ve just been amusing myself uploading tonight’s photography class pics to the laptop. It was the last class of the term and we were in the studio again – this time doing high speed photography. There was a fishbowl without … Continue reading

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A shot in the dark

      It was achieved by me, in the spare bedroom in pitch darkness, with two box files balanced on top of each other, covered by a black pashmina with a desk lamp behind and a glass of merlot … Continue reading

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Food photography: my own, personal cheesus

There’s an obvious advantage to taking photographs of food.  This explains why I’ve just had some Jarlsberg, some Cornish Yarg and a small glass of port. It had to be done to help tidy up the remains of my photographic … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed…..

Yesterday, I got home from work all enthusiastic about going to see beautiful Gloucester Cathedral all dressed in purple to mark International Pancreatic Cancer Day. It was odd because the purple hue meant that you couldn’t see the tower shining … Continue reading

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An easier snap

Went to my beginners photography class tonight and had a chat to people about how tricky it turned out to be,  trying to snap fireworks – especially when they were in The Wrong Place. It was the combo of darkness, … Continue reading

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Gloopy golden gorgeousness

I felt a bit crocked on Sunday, to be honest. I had a bad back from frantic cleaning, a twingeing thigh ligament from last weekend’s yoga exercises (which was an ironic injury as I was doing it to relieve the … Continue reading

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Still life

Creating a still life with a camera had never really occurred to me but I was kind of excited by the thought of setting something up in a real photographic studio with proper lighting. My favourite still life paintings are … Continue reading

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Eats, shoots and gets it out of focus

I’ve been on automatic for far too long. So I’m learning to tell my ISO from my elbow and that the F numbers aren’t sweary at all. Manual digital photography should be within my grasp. But the grasp imperceptible and … Continue reading

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