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Goatsuckers and other crepuscular creatures

Some bits of the Forest of Dean are hardly forest at all. When Canute ruled England in the 11th century, he named the Forest of Dean and excepted the top of Plump Hill, then wild and treeless and scattered with … Continue reading

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A frosty morning

You know how it is. You open the bedroom curtains, not expecting much beyond a rain-spattered windowpane and hey presto, it’s all happening! This particular morning, when blissfully I was not expected into work until 10.30am, there was a widespread … Continue reading

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Orchestral manouevres

I’m not sure how many people go along and support local orchestras but more people should try it. The musicians may be amateur but they are excellent and it’s a very affordable way to enjoy live classical music. The price … Continue reading

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It was the morning of mornings. The saving grace about this decaying time of year is the suddeness of the beauty – the way gloomy drear gives way to spectacular gloriousness in the twinkling of an eye. It was began … Continue reading

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Stop The Cull

Street art (since destroyed) by Beastie, Gloucester.   I experienced a life-time first recently.  A couple of Saturdays ago, I exercised my democratic right to protest peacefully about an issue in a public place. It didn’t seem very radical in … Continue reading

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The sight of some freshly dug earth and pebbles in my local woodland made me feel exceptionally pleased. It proved that for now, my local badgers – in the middle of the Gloucestershire badger cull zone – are still alive … Continue reading

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Four Different Sorts of Rain

So, when you’re on a bicycle, there are four different sorts of rain….  I should add that when you’re not on a bike but perhaps sitting on the sofa watching TV in the warm and you see the rain on … Continue reading

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1 to be ready… 2 to be steady….3 for the CHEESE!!

For the first time EVER, no cheeses were bowled at the centuries-old cheese rolling ceremony at Brockworth this year. Instead, rounds of weighted foam were wrapped up in white plastic and sent bouncing down the 1 in 3 slope of … Continue reading

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2012 in pictures

Well I thought about writing a blog reviewing 2012 and then I thought, but hang on uno momento, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not just plunder the photo albums?  So I did. These are mostly Wales, Gloucestershire, … Continue reading

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Otterly quacking

It’s always the same story at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire after I’ve flashed my membership card and I’m walking getting that first view of the patchwork of lakes designed by Sir Peter Scott. All at once, … Continue reading

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