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An easier snap

Went to my beginners photography class tonight and had a chat to people about how tricky it turned out to be,  trying to snap fireworks – especially when they were in The Wrong Place. It was the combo of darkness, … Continue reading

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Dude! Where are my rockets?

Somehow, I still haven’t grown out of Bonfire Night. The prospect of hearing and seeing a sky full of colourful explosions is guaranteed to get me outside come rain or shine. As a nipper, Guy Fawkes night was all about … Continue reading

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Did the earth move for you?

Well, yes, agreed….  the last blog was pretty curmudgeonly so I’m making amends by sharing one of my big huge shut-up-now-forgoodnessake enthusiasms. With a bit of luck they will make the earth move, they certainly blow your neural cortexes if … Continue reading

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Remember, remember

There was an odd lack of enthusiasm among my work colleagues towards Guy Fawkes night this year. Very lack lustre, really.  “I’m done with fireworks.”  “If you’ve seen one fireworks show, you’ve seen ’em all…”   “I’m not getting chilled … Continue reading

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A few fireworks

Fab fireworks last night. A clear night and utterly still but if I’m being picky, we really needed a gentle zephyr to clear away the smoke between fireworks. The lower level display was masked by thick pall of swirling mist. … Continue reading

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Pyrotechnic manoeuvres

Tonight, I’m going to stare into a fiery pits of a diabolically massive bonfire and get neck-ache going “oooh” and “ahhh” at some wondrous good rockets and other fireworks.   Bonfire night is one of those occasions I hate to … Continue reading

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