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Taking the pus…

For a couple of years after realising that I couldn’t cut it with any of the sciences except perhaps biology to be a vet, I fancied being a veterinary nurse. It was the next best thing and the books and … Continue reading

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Cat hits and myths

So I was told lots about cats before I had a couple of my own..   how they are aloof, ‘couldn’t care less’ and self-sufficient. Dog behaviour, apparently is completely understood whereas cat behaviour is still a mystery, according to … Continue reading

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Dog Training for Cats – the last update (perhaps)

I wasn’t intending to write any more Dog Training for Cats blogs. I thought I’d taken the observations as far as I could go really, recognising finally that while cats are from Venus, dogs are from Mars. Two different species, … Continue reading

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Dog training for cats – in puss-oot of glory

When I got the kittens as a birthday present to myself two years ago, I thought I’d try dog-training them. I’d been a dog person all my life, specifically an English Springer Spaniel person, so I thought it’d be interesting … Continue reading

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Cat box conundrum

I have acquired a proper cat box. It has a wire, removable sunroof and a respectable wire entrance which can be removed to allow walking in and walking out. My aim is to get two cats in there on Saturday … Continue reading

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Stranger danger

Things have changed around here. We’re living in a post cat-flap world. This is a world of muddy little footprints, of having an extra window to clean in the kitchen, of sudden noisy entrances. Leo is at ease with the … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Zule

Some things, when you’re shopping are hard to resist.  So hard, that you just have to have them. I mean, who wouldn’t want a small rubber orange pig with porcine pinprick eyes, which when squeezed, emits a satisfyingly low “oink?” … Continue reading

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