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Walking with cats

It’s a great pity cats won’t go for a walk.  They might accompany you down the drive but they don’t seem to favour a proper walk, up the path, across the road, around the woods down to the pub and … Continue reading

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Given the bird

You don’t know until you try, they say. Truest thing ever – especially when it comes to bird photography. Things were quite busy at Christmas and the Canon camera didn’t make an appearance what with the battery charger being buried … Continue reading

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Non è Pussibile!

You wouldn’t have thought it was possible, would you, that within a week of Leo’s horrible abcess healing up, he’d have another one? I wouldn’t but then I keep under-estimating the nastiness of Big Ginge. I’m already administering eye drops … Continue reading

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Prepussterous 2

So here we are. Me sitting on the sofa and Leo half on my lap as I type, purring louder than a bushload of crickets. He’s on medication once again after yet another cat attack. I have no evidence that … Continue reading

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Dog training for cat #fail

The thing about training a cat like a dog is that… it’s quite different and…well, I’ll admit that the results are frankly, patchy. After nearly two weeks of having treat-coated antibiotic pills for his abcess, Leo is still plainly enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Uh-oh… I think I may have a professional patient on my hands. With two days worth of antibiotics to go before the course finishes, Leo is totally settled in to the twice-daily routine of pills and nursing. This morning when … Continue reading

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The Mouse Guest

Benjamin Franklin said “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Well, we’ve had a guest in the dining room for twelve days and that was eleven days too many. It was my fault in the first place.  I … Continue reading

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