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Raining; cats and dogs

On the face of it, cats are much less invasive than dogs. They sashay around the place like they own it and sleep in a way that makes you jealous of their ability to relax utterly in unlikely positions, only … Continue reading

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Cat box conundrum

I have acquired a proper cat box. It has a wire, removable sunroof and a respectable wire entrance which can be removed to allow walking in and walking out. My aim is to get two cats in there on Saturday … Continue reading

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Advanced cat-flappery

Well, it had to happen.  Runty Lily, who I was quite worried was actually too small to activate the hi-tech chip-recognising cat flap, has taken control of the one and only feline entrance to the house. The kittens are still … Continue reading

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In a flap

I’m having trouble typing. I have a big kitten on my lap who would really prefer me not to type. He puts his paw up on my chin to get my attention. He likes to be properly cuddled quite firmly and … Continue reading

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