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Happy New Year – belated.

Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this. I’ve been flatlining on readers by the looks of things, probably because my last blog was in October and even the most persistent of readers will probably not keep popping … Continue reading

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‘Ere be cuttlefish.. or maybe not

Cuttlefish are incredible. I know that’s a sweeping, meaningless statement but when you’ve met a cuttlefish or two, you do appreciate them. Without being overly anthropomorphic, you can commune with a cuttlefish. This film tells you a LOT about them. … Continue reading

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Selfie? You can stick it.

We just haven’t got enough photographs of ourselves, have we? You may have albums full of yourself with the family, the dogs, the cats, birthday dinners, Christmas around the Trivial Pursuit board (just kidding ok, no-one, ever took that picture) … Continue reading

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Just a brief post as I’ve been busy galavanting  in the Land Of My Fathers. Slightly miraculously for this time of year, the sun has been shining! The misty-moistiness of Gloucestershire and old-knicker grey of Monmouth gave way to clear … Continue reading

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Leo after his morning ablutions looking a lot happier and wounds all healed. Happier still after cheesy treats! ‘Thank you’ card sent to his excellent vet, Derry Rhys-Jones, Cinderford.

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Taking the pus…

For a couple of years after realising that I couldn’t cut it with any of the sciences except perhaps biology to be a vet, I fancied being a veterinary nurse. It was the next best thing and the books and … Continue reading

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Blog Month

Well, will you look at that – the last time I posted anything here was 1st October! My blogging has been sadly lacking and I could make excuses about not having time but we probably know that I was off … Continue reading

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