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Mo-laughing matter

So this guy was talking about his trip to the dentist…. The 45 minutes he spent with the hygienist and the 15 minutes with the dentist and the £95 bill and the buying of the new toothbrush and accessories… How … Continue reading

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Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those cheeses rollin’

  Bonkers dare-devils chased Double Gloucester cheeses down the 1 in 4 slope of Cooper’s Hill continuing the ancient Spring Bank Holiday tradition at Brockworth, Gloucestershire on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. Police closed one of the major roads close to … Continue reading

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When walking is better than cycling…

I will almost always prefer to cycle but there’s a lot to be said for walking. Only by walking do you stumble across interesting bits and pieces hidden away. I’m not talking about the likes of the beautiful piece of … Continue reading

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Danger! Homely remedies!

Reluctant as I am to put anyone off trying sensible remedies for minor ailments, I admit this can result in doing more harm than good. Very recently when, due to a frantic flurry of tidying, chucking out and cleaning, I … Continue reading

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Non è Pussibile!

You wouldn’t have thought it was possible, would you, that within a week of Leo’s horrible abcess healing up, he’d have another one? I wouldn’t but then I keep under-estimating the nastiness of Big Ginge. I’m already administering eye drops … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for the cheeeeese!

The police and Gloucestershire county council keep trying to make it hard for people to support the annual tradition of cheese rolling on Bank Holiday Monday at Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth. Four years after the event was banned on health and … Continue reading

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I moaned to anyone who would listen about my disappointment with the Natural History Museum last year. I wanted to revisit the beetles.. the display cases full of incredible beetles from all over the world – teeny beetles, mediocre beetles, … Continue reading

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