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Hei Hei Hay!

It’s Hay Festival again. I won’t go droning on and on with the usual bountiful enthusiams. Suffice to say that it’s worth an annual pilgrimage even if you’re only slightly interested in books, book people, films, culture, hedonism and breathtakingly … Continue reading

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Geological drawers

Am I the only one who has geological drawers? I don’t mean weighed down with rocks, maybe a chunk of gneiss, a spiky bit of rose quartz or a flaky slice of slate complete with fossil fern. What I mean … Continue reading

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Exercise as punishment? It already IS!

So Michael Dimwit Gove wants schools to punish children with exercise? Schools are already punishing children with exercise and have done for generations. There’s nothing quite like school sports teaching for encouraging students to LOATHE sport. I was an inherently … Continue reading

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Guten Tag

Pseu tagged me! So it was only good manners to answer her questions: Cat or dog? Or what?  In a perfect world, dogs, (gundogs ie cocker spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer) cats, Kunekune pigs, roseate cockatoo… but just the two tabbies, … Continue reading

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The Tin

There can’t be many people who don’t have photograph albums, surely? We have loads;  about fifteen plus mum and dad’s six albums. We also have packets and packets of family photographs – all dated – that somehow never did get … Continue reading

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Don’t let it end

When you’re leaving someone you love and you’ll be separated for a long, long time, you want time itself to slow down. You want to spin out those last minutes, sitting at a table drinking tea, watching the clock for … Continue reading

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Camila Batmanghelidjh, one of my favourite women – she works tirelessly to rescue unparented street kids and give them opportunities to change their lives – was in the Q&A spot in the Guardian the other day. Asked “What has been … Continue reading

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Hay ho

Something about being at Hay Festival compels me to sit and scribble. This is what I wrote yesterday. So here I am back at Hay Festival again. A lively breeze is whipping the tops of the trees, the creaky aluminium-framed … Continue reading

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