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Dog Training for Cats – the last update (perhaps)

I wasn’t intending to write any more Dog Training for Cats blogs. I thought I’d taken the observations as far as I could go really, recognising finally that while cats are from Venus, dogs are from Mars. Two different species, … Continue reading

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Guten Tag

Pseu tagged me! So it was only good manners to answer her questions: Cat or dog? Or what?  In a perfect world, dogs, (gundogs ie cocker spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer) cats, Kunekune pigs, roseate cockatoo… but just the two tabbies, … Continue reading

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Real winter

Yup this is it.  It’s here.  Two inches of snow, Heathrow flights cancelled, “stay in your homes” warnings from the police, two power cuts in the space of five hours – plus internet knocked out for nine hours. First light … Continue reading

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The Tin

There can’t be many people who don’t have photograph albums, surely? We have loads;  about fifteen plus mum and dad’s six albums. We also have packets and packets of family photographs – all dated – that somehow never did get … Continue reading

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Cat box conundrum

I have acquired a proper cat box. It has a wire, removable sunroof and a respectable wire entrance which can be removed to allow walking in and walking out. My aim is to get two cats in there on Saturday … Continue reading

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Advanced cat-flappery

Well, it had to happen.  Runty Lily, who I was quite worried was actually too small to activate the hi-tech chip-recognising cat flap, has taken control of the one and only feline entrance to the house. The kittens are still … Continue reading

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Sunny afternoon, morning bike ride all done (actually quite knackering with heavy rucksack), swimming later so I rediscovered the garden. Always a bit of a novelty, wandering around the modest plot inspecting how things are after the winter.  There was … Continue reading

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Stranger danger

Things have changed around here. We’re living in a post cat-flap world. This is a world of muddy little footprints, of having an extra window to clean in the kitchen, of sudden noisy entrances. Leo is at ease with the … Continue reading

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In a flap

I’m having trouble typing. I have a big kitten on my lap who would really prefer me not to type. He puts his paw up on my chin to get my attention. He likes to be properly cuddled quite firmly and … Continue reading

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Kitten news

Just an update on the kittens, who are gorgeously cuddly and adorable and sweet and still, considering they are having an outdoor constitutional most days now, remarkably fragrant. They are five months old. Leo is sleek and it is quite … Continue reading

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