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Orchids are a dream to grow. The plants on my kitchen windowsill require nothing but a little water once a week, and while some people think that orchids are a bit untidy and random – which mine are –  they … Continue reading

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2012 in pictures

Well I thought about writing a blog reviewing 2012 and then I thought, but hang on uno momento, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, why not just plunder the photo albums?  So I did. These are mostly Wales, Gloucestershire, … Continue reading

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I’m fond of words and still find it quite exciting when I come across a new one that sounds good. I’m a bit like that sappy guy in West Side Story. “Maria, Maria, I’ll never stop saying Maria….” Someone should … Continue reading

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Blooming lovely!

I’ve given up on the whole idea of looking super-feminine and wearing dresses and flowing skirts on a bike. For the three weeks after I wrote that blog it more or less rained non-stop and made me consider just what … Continue reading

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Sunshine and bad drivers

Bit of a odd day today. There was a big golden thing in the sky early on, so I had to go and potter around the garden clad only in sweet white ankle length cotton nightie at 6am smelling the … Continue reading

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A touch of the florals

Came back from a bike ride today and everything in the garden had been refreshed by rain.  It all looked quite pretty, so I took a few pics with my phone. Not great quality but carpe diem and all that.  … Continue reading

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As it’s all gorn a bit grey and bleah, I’m posting a few images of Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens. If you turn the heating up really high and sit on a beach towel underneath your largest pot plant – preferably some … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mumsie

It’s mum’s birthday today. She would have been 83, a great age. She might have slowed down a bit by now, got a bit grouchy, a bit moany, not feel like going out very much but I doubt it. It’s … Continue reading

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Sunny afternoon, morning bike ride all done (actually quite knackering with heavy rucksack), swimming later so I rediscovered the garden. Always a bit of a novelty, wandering around the modest plot inspecting how things are after the winter.  There was … Continue reading

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Intimate massage

Quite frankly, I find the sight of pensioners intimately massaging each other quite off-putting. I don’t expect to have to avert my eyes in the local garden centre but there they were blatantly stimulating one another right between the dahlias … Continue reading

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