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The Sprint

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like the sprint finish of a bike race. For a start, in a big stage race, you never know if there will be a sprint finish.  On a flat stage, there usually is but sometimes … Continue reading

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Not Fit For Work

  I got my first ever sick note this week. Ok, Fit Note if you want the correct terminology but a Fit Note for unfitness never made sense to me. It’s a novelty. I might copy it and frame it … Continue reading

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When a policeman on duty yells at you like a sergeant-major on a parade ground: “OI!   YOU!!   OFF  THE  ROAD!!” ………….you actually get off the road a bit sharpish, even if you’re riding a Boris bike and have been mistakenly … Continue reading

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Geological drawers

Am I the only one who has geological drawers? I don’t mean weighed down with rocks, maybe a chunk of gneiss, a spiky bit of rose quartz or a flaky slice of slate complete with fossil fern. What I mean … Continue reading

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Gloopy golden gorgeousness

I felt a bit crocked on Sunday, to be honest. I had a bad back from frantic cleaning, a twingeing thigh ligament from last weekend’s yoga exercises (which was an ironic injury as I was doing it to relieve the … Continue reading

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It was the morning of mornings. The saving grace about this decaying time of year is the suddeness of the beauty – the way gloomy drear gives way to spectacular gloriousness in the twinkling of an eye. It was began … Continue reading

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Peace, piggies and a parrot in the Forest

Mountainbiking in the Forest of Dean last weekend was a real treat – acres of bluebells everywhere, sunshine and shelter from the gusty winds. The oddest thing was the peace. I’ve often pedalled around the Forest trails without seeing a … Continue reading

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Exercise as punishment? It already IS!

So Michael Dimwit Gove wants schools to punish children with exercise? Schools are already punishing children with exercise and have done for generations. There’s nothing quite like school sports teaching for encouraging students to LOATHE sport. I was an inherently … Continue reading

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Jazz Hands

There are days when cycling is all about facing the elements alone with your music (sssshhh don’t tell anyone.. it’s only plugged in the nearside ear and it’s on quiet) and your thoughts. There are days when it’s pure unalloyed … Continue reading

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It’s halloween. Oh whoopee-do…

So why so we do it?  Follow commercial trends like pathetic little lambs? Suck it all up and go spend that money like good little acolytes of GlobalCorp? You’ll have see the halloween outfits in the shops – sparkly little … Continue reading

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