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Gone with the wind

The forecast for Storm Doris, Β Blustery Belinda, Slightly Zephyrine Zoe or whatever her name was, turned out to be a little over-blown. A seafaring cove might have described the wind force in Cheltenham on the day Doris was expected as … Continue reading

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Party on

Writing this at 11pm on the 30th of January. All is dark in the garden but I can hear a small chorus of frogs. These are the first frog songs of 2017. They are heralding the Spring. This is the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone taking the trouble to read this, my first blog of 2017. That in itself might put you right off as it’s apparently very annoying to be wished Happy New Year after the first week of … Continue reading

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Mo-laughing matter

So this guy was talking about his trip to the dentist…. The 45 minutes he spent with the hygienist and the 15 minutes with the dentist and the Β£95 bill and the buying of the new toothbrush and accessories… How … Continue reading

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Perky sauntering

I once overheard someone saying ‘When I see a runner smiling, then I’ll run.” Well, when I’m out for a trot, I do smile but you’d have to say something vaguely amusing, obvs. To be fair though, compared to proper … Continue reading

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Fearful tadpoles!

It’s excellent how an exclamation mark can make such a difference to a statement of fact, which was otherwise pretty unremarkable. The exclamation has rendered those two words so very Wodehousian. Ok maybe it’s just me. I admit I’m just … Continue reading

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No raining on my parade

Ok, stand by to be hit by the oddest thing… But first, picture the scene; the Dara O’Briain comedy gig in the Tata Tent, the biggest venue at Hay Festival. I was sitting about 10 rows back with a genial … Continue reading

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