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Mo-laughing matter

So this guy was talking about his trip to the dentist…. The 45 minutes he spent with the hygienist and the 15 minutes with the dentist and the Β£95 bill and the buying of the new toothbrush and accessories… How … Continue reading

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Perky sauntering

I once overheard someone saying ‘When I see a runner smiling, then I’ll run.” Well, when I’m out for a trot, I do smile but you’d have to say something vaguely amusing, obvs. To be fair though, compared to proper … Continue reading

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Fearful tadpoles!

It’s excellent how an exclamation mark can make such a difference to a statement of fact, which was otherwise pretty unremarkable. The exclamation has rendered those two words so very Wodehousian. Ok maybe it’s just me. I admit I’m just … Continue reading

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No raining on my parade

Ok, stand by to be hit by the oddest thing… But first, picture the scene; the Dara O’Briain comedy gig in the Tata Tent, the biggest venue at Hay Festival. I was sitting about 10 rows back with a genial … Continue reading

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High Tea

  Richmal Crompton was big on high teas. William Brown would poke his grubby visage around the door of the drawing room to find his sister Ethel and boyfriend nibbling cucumber sandwiches and sipping tea from bone china tea cups … Continue reading

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Not Fit For Work

  I got my first ever sick note this week. Ok, Fit Note if you want the correct terminology but a Fit Note for unfitness never made sense to me. It’s a novelty. I might copy it and frame it … Continue reading

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Unexpected visitors

One of the things rats do is appear when you least expect them. A prime example was the one in Wetherspoons pub in Trowbridge recently. A bloke was out with his girl when he felt something bump into his leg … Continue reading

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Super Sludge

  Sludge must be one of the most mysterious things on earth. That’s the whole thing about sludge, it can be made of anything at all and you haven’t the faintest clue. Sludge is at the bottom of the pond… … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – belated.

Happy New Year to anyone who happens to read this. I’ve been flatlining on readers by the looks of things, probably because my last blog was in October and even the most persistent of readers will probably not keep popping … Continue reading

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Waving not drowning

The usual thing, when visiting a friend, is to settle down with a chat and a cup or something or even better, a glass of something. Visiting my pal Sabina in tropical Zummerzet those things are secondary to going down … Continue reading

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