A frosty morning

You know how it is. You open the bedroom curtains, not expecting much beyond a rain-spattered windowpane and hey presto, it’s all happening!

This particular morning, when blissfully I was not expected into work until 10.30am, there was a widespread and deepening shepherds’ warning. The sky was entirely suffused with pink.

I flung on some clothes, boots, a fleece and ran – there was no time to waste, sunrise happens fast – out of the house with the camera. It was about 7.45 and this was the beginning of what photographers call The Golden Hour. The light was just the most beautiful I have ever seen it in England.  Scotland has the best of the light, with the gloaming going on until the late evening or even the early morning in the very north of Scotland.

Everything was covered by a double frost. In the wood, where the badgers are happily showing lots of signs of activity, their earthworm unearthings were frozen solid.

I wandered, snapped, adjusted settings, snapped some more and generally trudged about marvelling at the light conditions and how lucky I was to be out in it, rather than behind an office window.  A 50mm lens has its limitations but it was fun to be limited.

























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6 Responses to A frosty morning

  1. Darrel Kirby says:

    I admire your dedication getting up early and heading out into the cold when you could have stayed snuggled warmly in bed – my good intentions tend to evaporate when faced with really!

  2. These are beautiful pictures – I love image 5774 (looks giant hogweedesque)

  3. Gorgeous, atmospheric shots…

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