So this is Christmas…

Well it isn’t yet… but it soon will be so I thought I’d try a Spotify Christmas play list.

Big mistake.

What are they thnking of?

They have some of the good songs, but not necessarily sung by the right singers or in the right order. It’s brimming with Buble and Bieber, which is both bemusing and bewildering because, quite frankly, I’ve never even heard these tracks played.

I delved further into the playlist – ok there was Mary J Blige but there was also Santa Baby by someone called Ariana Grande – sung as though she has a terrible cold coming on and her voice is almost gone.

There are some singers who owned their songs. Eartha Kitt indisputably owns Santa Baby. She her lascivious crooning indicates she might have a surprise in store for Santa rather than the other way around. Mind you, she was always a bit like that. Captain Sensible recalls meeting her backstage and chatting before a gig in Gloucester Park eons ago. She was wearing such a flimsy dress that one nipple slipped out.  He pretended not to notice but being 19, it was actually the highlight of his entire life up until that point and probably for years beyond.

So, as Eartha’s got Santa Baby in her sensual clutches, White Christmas belongs to Bing Crosby. No-one else should bother to even clear their throat to attempt it, much less Mr Buble. Walking in a Winter Wonderland?  Mr Smoothichops Tony Bennett, obvs.  Besides, a pal gave me a playlist with that on it, so had it in my ear as I walked through arrivals at Hong Kong airport on the first visit, stepping into a bright city HK Christmas.

The Spotify playlist song about Snow in California isn’t remotely familiar either so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a playlist aimed at American listeners. That’s not to say that American singers and songs aren’t inextricably linked with Christmas in our collective consciousness. I was a nipper when we clustered around the huge TV set with the wonky vertical hold watching the Andy Williams Christmas Special, filmed on a lavish festive set with a real reindeer and a snowy sleigh ride somewhere along the way.

Where, in the playlist,  is the wonderfully scuzzy and poignant  Fairytale in New York? Don’t they *know* it’s Christmas?  That one’s missing as well as the Christmas soundtracks of many Christmasses past – Roy Wood cavorting on Top of the Pops wishing it could be Christmas every day,  George Michael promising us his heart before we knew he was gay… ah those were the days.

So there was nothing for it but to compile my own. It’s here.  Two hours and four minutes but you can skip because the best ones are at the end, obviously. It might not be to your taste but I love it. It’s my Christmas past but it you like it, it can be your Christmas present.

Oh and that Tony Bennett song… well Macy Gray has done a very decent cover, which is included. Think of it as a group walk with bobble hats in a Winter Wonderland.

And this…


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5 Responses to So this is Christmas…

  1. juliabyers10 says:

    You tube Jan!! All that you speak of is there. Michael Buble is bloody gorgeous, but mine.

    • janh1 says:

      Buble is a proper smoothichops too but what I like about him most, after listening to him on the radio, is the ability not to take himself too seriously. Most attractive 😀

      I was listening to my own playlist earlier and actually need to cull a couple of them but I have to add the Irish12 Days of Christmas involving Nola. See above 🙂

  2. Darrel Kirby says:

    I’ll give your playlist a listen, but still no Fairytale? And I really dislike George Michael, so may have to skip that one.

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