A shot in the dark





It was achieved by me, in the spare bedroom in pitch darkness, with two box files balanced on top of each other, covered by a black pashmina with a desk lamp behind and a glass of merlot standing in front.

It also involved a Canon700D on a tripod held on my lap as I perched on the bed trying to keep it as still as poss as I had a 2.0 second shutter speed, f5.6 and and ISO of 100.

The colour is more to do with the pink box files than the wine.

So that was my photography class homework. Oh.. and I had to drink the wine.


About janh1

Part-time hedonist.
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2 Responses to A shot in the dark

  1. Isobel says:

    Tough on you having to drink the wine.

    How did tracking down BG owners go? Does he have any? Or is a foundling cat? You call call him Captain Coram.

  2. janh1 says:

    Pure torment, Isobel. 😉

    I knocked on a few doors on Saturday but didn’t get very far and didn’t get sight of BG. I was out all day yesterday but woke after midnight to cat yowling in the garden to see BG menacing Lily. I had a potato to hand so threw it at him. Leo is healing nicely, though.

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