Orchids are a dream to grow.

The plants on my kitchen windowsill require nothing but a little water once a week, and while some people think that orchids are a bit untidy and random – which mine are –  they can be dramatic.

The burgeoning flower stalks extend at half an inch a day sometimes, although like a kettle refusing to boil, a watched orchid will stop thrusting its flower stalk and pause for weeks, with flower buds tight and green.

One day, when you’re not particularly looking, having lost interest, you’ll see, out of the corner of your eye, a bud opening.  The next day a flower will be open in all its fascinatingly complex glory and there’ll be another and another so that by the end of the week, you have a cascade of exquisite exotic blooms.

They will remain lustrous and beautiful for months and months – I think the record for flowering on my windowsill is about three months.

I never cut the aerial roots but just tuck them in if they threaten, triffid-like, to capture a saucepan off the draining board. I try in a haphazard way, to control the flower stalks as they are growing up, but they have a mind of their own and unless you are a strict disciplinarian, attending to and tying up the stalk every day, it will do it’s own thing.  But that’s no problem… they look best when they are arching naturally as they would if they were growing on the branch of a tree in a tropical jungle.

I was messing about with a couple of desk lamps and the camera this evening to attempt to capture their flawless perfection.










1-IMG_4812 1-IMG_4829 1-IMG_4822


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4 Responses to Orchids

  1. Isobel says:

    Not sue if these pictures would be for a soft porn novel, or something more gothic like Sarah Waters Affinity. V dramatic and somehow menacing.
    One of the neighbours in this block likes orchids. She puts the pots on the windowsills in the shared spaces, so we get to see them in their least attractive stages. But as soon as they bloom, she takes them inside her own flat! I am thinking about kidnapping one when it shows signs of flowering…

  2. janh1 says:

    Maybe you find those tendrils menacing.. 🙂

    Oh honestly – that is just soo mean! So you never get to see the flowers? Some people, eh?! 😦

    Do it. It would just be “borrowing” Isobel. Kidnapping is such an ugly word… 😀

  3. juliabyers10 says:

    I could always take or leave orchids, thought they looked somehow unreal and didn’t interest me. then i was bought one for a Mother’s Day present and it’s loveliness surprised me and it’s resilience amazed me. I love them now, they have a way of sneaking into bloom when you’re not looking which is quite enchanting.

    I wouldn’t agree that they are sinister, but pornograpihic? They’ like some other flowers do
    bear certain resemblance to female anatomy……but then again life is all about the birds and the bees isn’t it!?

  4. janh1 says:

    Hi Julia 🙂 Certainly *is* ! My youngest son bought me my first orchid plant for Mothers’ Day – it flowered until the end of September and I’ve still got it so I reckon that was fantastic value.
    I admit my windowsill looks a bit chaotic but the flowers are lovely. Out in Hong Kong all the orchids are incredibly well trained and displayed beautifully in big pots topped with sphagnum moss. The climate is perfect for them so they grow well no matter what! 🙂

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