Orchestral manouevres

I’m not sure how many people go along and support local orchestras but more people should try it.

The musicians may be amateur but they are excellent and it’s a very affordable way to enjoy live classical music.

The price of a ticket to Gloucestershire Symphony Orchestra at St Barnabas Church, Gloucester tonight was a tenner for adults and only £1 for under 19 year olds.  Although the evening was well-attended, the church wasn’t full.

So an excellent evening of Borodin, Tchaikovsky and a Russian composer who was new to me,  was a bargain!

My pal from the violin section reckons Alexandr Glazunov is worthy of more attention. Glazunov was a student of Rimsky-Korsakov and admired Tchaikovsky. He was only sixteen when he showcased his first symphony and 35 years old when he completed The Seasons, music for ballet, which we heard performed tonight.

The landscape to autumn section was the only section that was vaguely familiar but I recommend the entire work, which features particularly lovely sections for the harp.

Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 5 was an emotional blast which the orchestra seemed to revel in. Certainly conductor Glyn Oxley was at his most animated.

So here’s Glazunov’s dance from The Seasons ‘Autumn’ — which used to be danced by Pavlova!



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4 Responses to Orchestral manouevres

  1. That Glazunov is joyous! Thanks Jan x

  2. That is excellent advice – and Glazunov is terrific, isn’t he? Not much beats the discovery of new music that captures your imagination; but exploring and finding how much more there is – God Bless the Internet – comes pretty close.

    • janh1 says:

      Hi and thanks for visiting. Yes! I love discovering new music, from whatever age. I’m trying a new app called Composer.com at the moment (free trial) and that seems good for introducing you to new classical pieces. Available on Google Play and no, I’m not on commission 😀

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