Deeply dippy – the perfect egg

Multi-Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal knows his stuff, right?

So his allegedly fool-proof way of perfect soft-boiled eggs the Heston way must work?

Reluctant, though I am to give any credence to a man with the same name as a rather pedestrian motorway service area (oxymoron alert) I thought I’d give it a try.

So I followed the recipe like so… placed two large fresh eggs in a saucepan and just covered with cold water. Covered with glass lid. Brought to boil keeping an eye on the water. At the first sign of the bubbles, removed from heat and let stand for exactly six minutes. Removed eggs from water and served.  Tapped egg, scalded fingertips picking eggshell off boiling hot egg.(I’m a picker, I’m a grinner, I’m a lover, I’m a sinner.  All those things but not a chopper.)

Result? Almost completely hard boiled eggs. All those lovely brown-bread soldiers lined up waiting to be dipped would be going to waste.  Disaster.

So I boiled another egg my own way.  Unlike flaky Mr Service Area’s method, this one *does* work.  Guaranteed.

Bring pan of water to the boil – deep enough to immerse large fresh eggs but no more unless you want to wait ages for it to boil.

Have eggs at room temperature, lower gently into the water one by one with tender loving care.

Start counting to 30 seconds while turning down to simmer gently.

At the end of 30 seconds, turn over your four-minute egg timer and when sand runs out (you can take the egg timer with you if you’re leaving the room or going for a short walk but don’t bother to take in the car. They are terrible at navigation) lift your eggs and drain.

Place in egg cup and tap or pick carefully. Sprinkle with a little salt if you like and plunge your solider into the deeply dippy golden yolk.   Yummy, yum, yum.



The four minute timer is the one at the front.  Other egg sizes are also catered for.  🙂



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9 Responses to Deeply dippy – the perfect egg

  1. Isobel says:

    I put my eggs in cold water, bring the after to the boil and time them four minutes from then. For poached eggs, I drop the egg into a pan of boiling water, having first swirled the water about, turn off the heat and turn on the toaster. When the toast pops up, the eggs are done.

    • janh1 says:

      I love poached eggs on toast after a morning bike ride but poach them in an inch or two of water. I will try the swirly method but don’t you have to put a drop of wine vinegar in the water to stop them the egg whites from going too crazy?

      • Isobel says:

        Fresh eggs should poach in a nice round shape. It’s the ones that are getting older that go crazy. If in doubt do put a drop of vinegar in.
        BTW cooled water that eggs have been boiled in is said to be good for cut flowers.

      • janh1 says:

        Ok I’m going to whizz up a perfect poached egg after Weds’s ride 🙂 Thanks Isobel, that’s a good tip about the cut flowers. Must get flowers!

  2. Anonymous says:

    what are all the other timers for? target practice? i find it hard to believe the big one is for ostrich eggs

  3. juliabyers10 says:

    Too many variables in all methods for there to ever be one ‘perfect’ method. How much heat does your pan retain? What temperature is your room? At what altitude are you cooking? Heston really has been woefully remiss on this one. Where is the scientific methodology? I note we haven’t yet gone into the realm of the coddled egg. I do have a very fine Royal Worcester egg coddler, a 21st birthday present of the type thought suitable for young ladies reaching their 21st year in 1985 (the past really is another country!). Never yet had cause to use it in anger, most likely never will, eggs and my gall bladder do not now get along….I left it too late to ever enjoy a coddled egg…..ah the tragedy!

    • janh1 says:

      I *know*! I was expecting precision accuracy! Delia would have been much more picky.

      Young ladies these days probably feel quite deprived, only receiving Mulberry hangbags on their 21st birthday instead of a fine Royal Worcester egg coddler. You really should have coddled your eggs while ye may though…

      I’ve never coddled an egg but I’m willing to try giving one a cwtch. 🙂

  4. Darrel Kirby says:

    Are you the grim reaper in your spare time with all of those timers unstoppably making the passing of time?

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