An easier snap

Went to my beginners photography class tonight and had a chat to people about how tricky it turned out to be,  trying to snap fireworks – especially when they were in The Wrong Place.

It was the combo of darkness, sudden dramatic explosions, and the knowledge that the fireworks would only last a finite time that added to the pressure of Saturday evening.

Who knew that the fireworks would shoot off higher than the image I’d carefully framed? Who knew that the main rockets would burst forth behind the big warehouse next to me? Who knew that there wasn’t really enough time to inspect the images one had already taken in order to adjust settings, if necessary, for the spectacle still to come?   Well I do,, now.  It’s called learning from your mistakes.

It was a lot easier tonight, taking photographs of a subject which wasn’t likely to go anywhere in a hurry – Gloucester Cathedral’s magnificent tower. Built in the 15th century, its 225 feet high and is a landmark of the Severn Vale which can be seen for many miles around.

I’ve been up it – in spite of my fear of heights. The masons’ stonework is absolute beauty and perfection rolled into one. Climbing the spiral staircase, you see beautifully carved snippets of grafitti.  The view from the top is awesome but not as high as you might expect, gazing up at the magnificence of it all. I especially loved the view to the West – towards where I live – it’s just all green all the way to the Forest of Dean.

So I put my shutter speed on ultra slow – nearly Bulb but not quite (technical term I chucked in for people who know about photography) and snapped away at the Tower.

This was probably my best shot.  I’ve heard allegations that tomorrow night, it’s going to be purple!  I must check that out… 🙂





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