A bit of a trot

I’m keeping up with the Blog a Day Challenge and thinking that you won’t particularly want to hear that I’m going out for a trot in a minute.

But it’s not raining and a half hour trot is incredibly refreshing during these dark evenings.

Anyway, it’s never quite as dark when you’re outside. There are clouds scudding across the full moon, the orange glow of distant civilisation, the little lights of the farmhouses and if I’m being adventurous, the bulky shadows of the cows lying down in the field.

I haven’t seen the little black rabbits sitting on the grass verges under the street-lights yet either.  I suspect they have escaped from pet rabbit hutches so haven’t got much street-cred or road sense.

Walking in the dark was a regular thing when I had a dog but without one, walking doesn’t seem adequate, and the cats are very reluctant to come for a walk, so I feel more comfortable doing a light trot, relaxed and in the zone without laboured breathing.

I’ve watched runners and joggers. Some of them are thin as a wisp and running fast and easy while others wear the tortured faces of a Hogarth engraving.

Thing is, I don’t want to be a wisp, I don’t want to run a half marathon, I have no ambitions to do a 10k or a 6k or any kind of special k.  All I want is to put on my nice trainers and go for a pleasant, life-affirming trot when I feel like it.

I like a bit of company on my bit of a trot. Tonight, I am taking that lovely David Gray.


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10 Responses to A bit of a trot

  1. Isobel says:

    I take it your aches and pains have eased? I have a new and persistent pain in my left knee. That’s my good knee, not to be confused with my right knee which I buggered when I was in my thirties, and makes a bit of a trot something physios have told me not to do.
    So I do feel slightly envious of your communing with David Gray, moonlight and escaped rabbits, but I shall try to get over it and hope you have a great time.

    • janh1 says:

      I still have the thigh ligament thingy but everything else is mostly ok thanks 🙂 Sorry to hear about the knee pain. Cycling is good for strengthening the muscles around the knee in a supportive kind of way so you may be able to do a Richmond Park tootle if the roads are too packed?

      There was no moonlight but the clouds were racing and I was the only soul around, which was lovely. But it rained towards the end so a bit damp but glad to have gone. 🙂

      • Isobel says:

        Getting to Richmond Park would be the challenge as I don’t have one f those brackets on my car,. Burgess Park will have to do for now.

  2. theroyalist says:

    Go with Metallica, Jan, your trot will turn into a sprint. And you will be home quicker.

    I don’t do jogging. Work mates have asked me to join them but I can’t be bothered with pounding the miles. I will stick to five-a-side football. Quick bursts of pace followed by rest. The added bonus of an occasional, very ocassional in my case, goal. Or as the South Americans put it- GOOOOAAAALLLL.

    • janh1 says:

      Haha.. I used to play a little Masters of Puppets on Wii Rock Guitar Hero (easy) Haven’t got any on my playlists though :-))

      I like the sound of GOOOOAAAALLLL. Do you perform a special celebratory cavort like they feature on Question of Cavort.. i mean Sport ? I bet my Achilles tendons are stretchier than yours though. I’ve heard football shortens them for some reason. I might be wrong. I’m only nearly a doctor 🙂

  3. theroyalist says:

    Good morning Doctor (nearly) Jan,

    Firstly, hope you watched The Nations Favourite Queen Song on ITV last night. Brilliant. I saved it to my hard drive and got my mum to tape it onto a blank DVDr. Love the nasty Queenies.

    Glad you enjoyed your trot with those great Achilles’es’es of yours. 🙂 Apostrophes are not my strong point.

    Years and years ago we practised goal celebrations behind closed doors. The best I could come up with was “the motorbike”. After scoring I’d straddle an imaginary Harley and rev the handlebar before speeding away in triumph. Of course I didn’t do the cavort in public…

    • janh1 says:

      Love the vision of your special football cavort! Such a shame it was never aired in public!!

      No I didn’t and there were already two things on record but I reckon I could watch on ITV player sometime soon? Love the music but hate too many talking heads.

      One apostrophe covers a multitude of peoples’ sins… 🙂

  4. Darrel Kirby says:

    I decided to take up jogging a short while ago as I’d given up the gym. Like you I had no ambition for special ks, or PBs for that matter, I just liked the idea of the casual effortless jog that I’d seen others doing. Sadly I am no wisp and firmly in the Hogarth engraving camp, so it didn’t last long. Much like my cycling experience really.

    I admire your ability to continue churning out readable blogs on a daily basis – you must have been saving yourself especially for the challenge these past few months. Hopefully I’ll manage to catch up before the month ends!

  5. janh1 says:

    Trouble with casual, effortless, jogging is that you need to do it three times a week to get that effortless, calm look and not the slightly desperate florid sweaty look of the deeply uncool but a bit pretentious (moi) 😀

    Oh it’s no effort, D. Just my usual drivel. I very often’ think’ blogs but fail to get the time to write them down. I saw something about NaBloPoMo and thought I might as well.

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