Uh-oh… I think I may have a professional patient on my hands.

With two days worth of antibiotics to go before the course finishes, Leo is totally settled in to the twice-daily routine of pills and nursing.

This morning when I picked him up to sit him on my lap in the prepared clinical area (kitchen table with tray featuring cotton wool, tissues, saline solution) he purred loudly.

When I dipped the cotton wool into the warm saline solution he tilted his head back in a “minister unto me” way ready to have his face gently washed.  

He was the most co-operative he’s been so far. He must be feeling a lot better. His wounds are certainly shrinking and drying up.

Afterwards, when I was clearing up, he paced about with a happy-hooky tail mewing in anticipation of his roast chicken-clad antibiotic tablet.

Can’t help feeling he’s going to be disapussapointed on Thursday when he’s discharged from hospital-standard care and life returns to normal!

Thursday update:  Well, there he was sitting in the kitchen at the usual Before Breakfast Medication Time.  I couldn’t just leave him, could I?

I said “Oh come on then…” and he crouched like a big furry purry pudding waiting to be picked up. So there he was on my lap again as I washed his face with a piece of damp kitchen towel for no good reason whatsoever other than his expectation and evident enjoyment.

And yes.. he had a couple of pieces of Welsh cheddar to follow.  So who says we’re slaves to our cats??!!  😉

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6 Responses to Prepussterous!!

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, I loved this! I can totally visualize your Leo, especially his ‘minister unto me’ expression! My Perrin does exactly the same. This really made me chuckle today, so thanks for sharing. Just visiting from NaBloPoMo, and very glad I did.

  2. Nothing to say the roast chicken can’t continue 😀

  3. Isobel says:

    You may have to wean him off this gradually. You don’t want him picking fights with Big Ginge just so he gets your undivided attention (and chicken) again.

  4. janh1 says:

    True!! He’s very much a home-body at the moment but that’s fine by me.

    It’s odd but even when it was hurting him a bit in the beginning, I always got the feeling that he was accepting it because he somehow knew my intentions were good. There were no claws and no determination to flee. Weird isn’t it?

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