Blog Month

Well, will you look at that – the last time I posted anything here was 1st October!

My blogging has been sadly lacking and I could make excuses about not having time but we probably know that I was off on the bike having billowy T-shirt cycling jaunts and generally doing other stuff.  It also occurred to me sometimes, when I did feel a blog coming on, that it was very probably the case that absolutely no-one would be interested in reading it.

Blogging is a personal thing – a personal view of the world, which either appeals to other people for that very reason or is repellant for the same reason. Why should I want to know the details of someone else’s life experiences or opinions?  I’ve no idea but much depends on the charm and style in which they tell it.

So it’s NaBloPoMo – don’t ask – it’s just national blogging month. In the spirit of blogging I’m going to blog every single day, come hell or high water. They might be short, long, rambling, nonsensical but I’m going to do it.  It’s the least I can do, after all, when writers worth their salt are attempting entire novels in the month of November!

There is actually a lot to talk about. Leo cat has been a poorly boy and I have been doing proper veterinary nursing but he’s on the mend now, thank goodness.  More on that another time. Suffice to say he’s still on his antibiotics.

The fact that he’s had dog training has come in handy. I wrap his pills in bits of roast chicken or cheese, he sits and begs for them and gulp.. they’re gone.  A world away from Fat Lily, who had to be picked up and pill manually propelled into her mouth with a bit of throat-tickling to encourage the swallow!

Decorating and re-vamping rooms and furniture demand a sort-out, so against every fibre of my being, I resisted pedalling off over the sunny warm hills this morning and cleared a lot of old stuff out of a wardrobe instead. A lot of it belonged to son #1 and #2 and dated back to when they were in their teens.  Son #1’s maths books and university marine biology notes and son #2’s very neat and awesomely orderly law degree notes all went in the recycling bin.  There is an entire collection of old Amstrad computer magazines dating back to the late 80’s which actually might be worth something, if I can be bothered to find out.

So the ride was pm when the light was starting to get golden and it was a proper crispy-crunchy rustly-leaf autumn blat with few impediments apart from a guy taking up the trail with three extremely well-behaved dogs on a lead. When he heard me, he stood and let me pass and all the dogs stood and waited too – no pulling or lurching.  They were a real credit to him.

Tonight, I watched What We Did On Our Holiday at the Guildhall Cinema – a truly lovely film – very funny and poignant without being cloyingly sentimental. Great performances from the whole cast including Billy Connolly, Ben Miller,  the luscious David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Annette Crosbie – but the three children stole the show for me.  If you have the chance, watch it and enjoy!


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6 Responses to Blog Month

  1. Isobel says:

    Rushing off for a windy ( and very wet) walk in the Ashdown Forest. Sorry to hear about Leo. Glad to know you’ll be blogging. NaBloPoMo eh? Maybe I’ll join in.
    Back later.
    And I always want to read what you write.

  2. janh1 says:

    Do join in! I think you should. Well it makes it worthwhile if only you reads it, Isobel! 😀 Thank you!

  3. Darrel Kirby says:

    I have been away for much of November so couldn’t join you in the challenge – there are likely to be a good flurry of blogs for the second half of the month though, broadly along the theme of “what I did on my holidays” and maybe therefore falling into the category of’who wants to read that?! There will be pictures though, so maybe just look at those.

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