Quite cheesy…

It’s difficult to follow the cheese rolling, but hey, this is a blog and I don’t want to leave it another year until the next cheese.

Before that another cheese thing loomed on the horizon.. concerning reblochon.

Reblochon is entirely unsuitable for cheese-rolling. Granted, it is circular but it is probably only two inches thick and, beneath the rind is quite soft and creamy.

It’s a cheese eaten by rose-cheeked Alpine types who are cross-country skiing, walking up Alps in snow or spending the day on the piste.

And it’s best eaten as tartiflette, which is a rather luscious died-and-gone-to-heaven mix of reblochon, potato, onion, crème fraiche and smoked bacon. Veggies can leave out the smoked bacon.

Staying near the French Alpine town of Megeve a few months ago, I tried a local version of tartiflette. It was very good, although I then felt compelled to clamber up a black-run ski slope to work off the 4,000 calories which I’d undoubtedly consumed.

I brought a cheese back and in August I noticed that there was only one day left before it was out of date – so I rootled out a dish with a tartiflette recipe glazed on to the base which son #2 had given me before I even knew what a reblochon cheese was.

Dear reader, I made the tartiflette and it was indeed absolutely heavenly. So I am sharing with you. Create, cook, consume….   and find yourself an Alp to climb at a convenient moment.


IMG_1169Some French Alps


More Alps.


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2 Responses to Quite cheesy…

  1. Isobel says:

    Have you considered making this a cheese themed blog? How about cheese and cats? Which are Leo and Lily’s favourites?
    I shall do a detour around the reblochon; my calorie intake needs no enhancing. It does – minus the poitrine de porc fumée – sound delicious.

  2. janh1 says:

    I would be happy to write a cheese-themed blog Isobel. It’s my avowed intention to kill myself slowly using mostly cheese :-))

    Leo is a Collier’s Cheddar boy but Lily isn’t fussy on cheese at all.

    Well maybe save this recipe for a very active winter’s day. Everyone should try it once, I think 🙂

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