Blooming lovely!

I’ve given up on the whole idea of looking super-feminine and wearing dresses and flowing skirts on a bike.

For the three weeks after I wrote that blog it more or less rained non-stop and made me consider just what a pathetic bedraggled chilled mess I’d have been on several occasions if I’d worn a lovely day dress on the ride to work.

If I lived a pleasant 15 mins ride away from work, I might attempt the Mary Archer look of pedal-pushing fragrant elegance, but then I’d have an Oxford bike with a big basket on the front to complete the picture.

Nah, living 55 minutes ride away is a different kettle of cranks. I need proper practical clothing. I’ve been wearing my winter jacket until about three weeks ago for goodnessake!

As a woman I’m all for equality with the chaps (apart from making them wear ankle-weights so I can beat them up hills)  then came the report that women cyclists are safer because motorists give them a wider berth. I’m not an unsteady rider but a wide berth is much preferable to the Audi which passed within a whisker of me at what must have been 60mph the other day. Some drivers have the mistaken impression that the faster they go, the easier it is to “slip by” unnoticed.

I have child-bearing hips and a woman’s ass so I’d have thought any driver could already see I’m female but just in case, I bought a pink winking rear light for my rack bag.

It was a nod to feminine tastes and and now, thanks to a gift from thoughtful and generous Isobel, I’m presenting an unmistakeably feminine look because my bag is adorned with a garland of Dutch flowers!

They are all the rage in Holland, apparently,  so I while I would be dead on trend in the Low Countries,  I’m way ahead of the curve in the wetlands of the Severn Vale.

The flowers are bright Welsh red and lend a blooming jaunty look to the the rack pack of my seriously black Trek 7.6fx.

I noticed the effect on my first freshly-decorated ride out.  There were smiles from drivers as they let me go ahead and I didn’t get cut up by any vehicles at all.  Being at the back, the flowers don’t impede my wind resistance either – and you can’t miss ’em so they’re bound to make me more visible!

Wonderful idea, Isobel, so thanks again for thinking of me while you were on hols!  Just hope no-one else takes a fancy to them when I’m out shopping…

Let me know how you get on with yours  🙂

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10 Responses to Blooming lovely!

  1. Very blooming lovely. Too blooming lovely to leave on the bike unattended for long, I would suspect 😀

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    Oh I say! I shall photograph mine and post. One of my flowers fell off, and I can’t see where it should go, but Sue and I have already been discussing making garlands. They also sell garlands with led lights, but I thought they would be stolen in minutes of locking up the bike.

  3. janh1 says:

    Oh YES! Little lights too!! Blimey I’d look like a travelling Christmas tree but hey, no excuse for any drivers not seeing me!! 😀

  4. What an absolutely beautiful idea! The bag looks lovely! Isobel has taste 🙂

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