Guten Tag

Pseu tagged me! So it was only good manners to answer her questions:

  1. Cat or dog? Or what?  In a perfect world, dogs, (gundogs ie cocker spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer) cats, Kunekune pigs, roseate cockatoo… but just the two tabbies, Leo and Fat Lily at the moment.
  2. Summer or Winter? And why…  Summer.  Proper summer.  Warm sun on bare skin lying in the grass between tennis games or cycling in cool dappled sunshine through woodland. Swimming in warm sea, snorkelling g&t. (You can insert comma between snorkelling and g&t if you like, but it works either way)
  3. Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most?  Magimix edges it over the Zyliss garlic press
  4. What’s your favourite main course dish?  Beef stroganoff
  5. And what’s your favourite dessert?  Creme brulee
  6. What skill would you like to learn in the coming year?  How to finish a book
  7. Have you ever made a decision which you regretted… what was it?  Nope
  8. Would you take the same career path if you had another chance? If not what would you choose?  As a nubile 15-year-old, I should have run away to be with Jacques Cousteau.
  9. Which taboo subject would you like to release from being a taboo and how would you do this?  None. We need more taboos eg no working on Fridays or the Bad Fairy Horde will come and poo on you in the night and pull out your teeth.
  10. What would your partner say is the most irritating thing about you? Dunno but there are plenty to choose from.
  11. What book do you think everyone should read and why? The Startrek Companion. Only then will the world know what deeply weird people Trekkies are.

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6 Responses to Guten Tag

  1. Pseu says:

    Thank you for all your answers. 🙂

    Number 11 doesn’t appeal to me, some how! Now you ned to make up 11 of your own questions for the next batch, if you want to pass on the baton 🙂

    • janh1 says:

      You’re welcome Pseu…Ooo now, I’m not sure I have time to give it proper attention. Got a big hol coming up v soon and you know what it’s like, shopping, shopping shopping, which I’m hopeless at. You won’t be offended if I just put the baton down until later will you?

  2. 😀 Loved reading this. Tell me: what stopped you running off with Cousteau? Was the the realisation that creme brulees would be forever after soggy, salty and imbibed through a snorkel?

  3. janh1 says:

    Hi Kate – laughing here. I bet Heston Blumenthal would give that brulee snorkelling a go though!

    Yes it’s a shame about Cousteau. I was far too proper – felt I couldn’t possibly go without a passport 😉

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