My type of tandem?

Son #1 just sent me this link

My type of tandem, except I’d need a head for heights so…erm…. still not quite right.

But perfect for clown cycling and tipping bucket of confetti over the head of the  rider in front!

But if you have a traditional ladies bikes hanging around in the garage unused… you might like to try a bit of this


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11 Responses to My type of tandem?

  1. Pseu says:


    Jan, I so miss your posts on the Chariot…

    • janh1 says:

      I post a few more here than I would on the Chariot anyway. There was extremely limited interest in my cycling meanderings. 🙂

      Did you see how the frame just snapped when the guy jumped the bike off that wall – and then welded it back together! Brilliant 🙂

      • Pseu says:

        It was a great clip.

        I still miss them on the Chariot. We need a few more regular posters and your posts are always high quality.

  2. valzone says:

    I think I could manage that tandem :-)…..on the ground floor of course.

    • janh1 says:

      Yup! Wouldn’t it be useful to have the top rider with a pair of binoculars warning of distant on-coming traffic? It reminded me of a Professor Brainstawme invention 😀

  3. IsobelandCat says:

    Do you think they might notice? 🙂

  4. janh1 says:

    Definitely. It also has the advantage of the rear rider, when fatigued, being able to rest his/her feet on the shoulders of the rider in front. Big selling point, that. 😉

  5. After that tandem post of yours I’m amazed you’re allowing the tandem back into your life, Jan! Glad there’s been a reconciliation between you and that two-person wonder of a bike. May you find the perfect one…

  6. janh1 says:

    Hi Kate – only as an image, so far. Maybe one of those side-by-side buddy bikes would be more my thing…..

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