The sun, the sea

Sunrise,  6.55am on Sunday morning, Weymouth, Dorset.

You have to be quick to catch it. The light changes so quickly.  One minute and the sun was risen, pouring out from a golden horizon.

Two minutes and it had risen into low cloud, plunging the entire scene into a slothful dove-grey peace.

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Part-time hedonist.
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4 Responses to The sun, the sea

  1. valzone says:

    Only your eyes witness the awesome beauty of nature, but thankfully, the camera captures it, for those who missed it. Superb Jan.

  2. janh1 says:

    Thanks, Val! Pure chance that the Panasonic Lumix was to hand 🙂

  3. Pseu says:

    what tiny gentle waves! Lovely peaceful photo

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