Cotswold Bike Ride 2011

Just another big “thanks” for all those who sponsored me on this 40 mile bike ride. Nothing much in the great scheme of things but it was a big deal for me – all those hills – even though I’ve got a spiffy old mountain bike.

The encouraging (I use the word loosely) texts were fun too.  The “Don’t make yourself sick” (cyclist pal)  “You’re going to have *such* a sore ass, sis” (encouragement from brother)  “Have you fallen off yet?” (pal from work)  “*Don’t* walk the hills” (son no 2)  “Having a nice time? We’re just finishing roast beef and yorkshire pud and roasties” (non-cycling friend) and “well done champ” (cycling pal).

I got a notification yesterday that my Just Giving website had gone offline so no more donations on there, but it finished up with a total of £252.

But the *best* news came in the post today – a letter from the organisers telling me this year’s ride raised £36,866.40 for the British Heart Foundation.   Incredible – and great day out in the company of every other kind of cyclist you could imagine, all sharing the lurve of being on two wheels and, occasionally, it has to be said, three!

Chris Syer, the Treasurer, reveals that the twenty one Cotswold Bike Rides (and there were plenty of people taking part who had probably covered every single one) had raised over half a million pounds – £625,704.85.

He thanks Badhams Pharmacy of Chelters who have sponsored the bike ride for many years and Britannia Construction who funded the postage for the initial mailing.

Although my sponsorship has gone to the BHF, I still have a little bit of sponsor money owing.  No doubt there will be some coughing up soonish. Only a fool and his money are soon parted, after all…..


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8 Responses to Cotswold Bike Ride 2011

  1. valzone says:

    I’m a bit late coming to this Jan, sorry. What a great day you had, my congratulations to you. A lovely piece from you, as always, I loved reading this. I suppose I should mention the photograph, 100% perfect, love it.
    Once again, well done.

    • janh1 says:

      Aw thanks, Val. See that guy in the picture, more than the tweed deerstalker, more than the immaculately clean retro bike, more than the brand new leather saddle bag and acoutrements, I liked his very tightly pulled-up socks! 🙂

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    I’ve got a warm fuzzy feeling just reading this Jan/.
    You and your fellow cyclists are heroes.

  3. janh1 says:

    Thanks Isobel! 🙂 But you sure “heroes” shouldn’t read “weirdoes”?? The surprising thing about being part of a mass cycle ride is that it does make me feel less of a weirdo.

  4. IsobelandCat says:

    I was trying to be polite!

  5. janh1 says:

    🙂 Only a teeny part of a much bigger effort!

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