It’s my HOT BODY!

There’s some new movement called “SlutWalk” which seems to be about confirming women’s freedom to wear not much in a slutty way.

There’s an image of some girls holding a banner “It’s my hot body. I do what I want.”

Some men might applaud this “outing” of rampant sexuality and from my point of view, yes, women should, within the confines of public decency, feel free to wear what they like.

But girls, please don’t get rat-arsed and insensible wearing your slutty clothes or stuff will happen that you either don’t remember or might regret a couple of months down the line when the rash breaks out.

To quote from the article: “What I still hate are dumb rules. Too sexy or not sexy enough. Indeed, at my age, there is a list of things I am not allowed to wear, except possibly a floral tent or a shroud. Female dress is no one else’s business. I no more want burqas banned than I want bikinis banned. To see a grassroots movement that brings together young women who say “hands off our bodies, and our clothes” is fabulous.”

Well it is, and it isn’t. Yes you should have the right to wear what you like and feel comfortable in which doesn’t offend public decency. But at the same time, we should all keep a sense of responsibility, proportion and self-respect.  And walking back to the car late at night in any City centre these days, there seems to be a real shortage of self-respect amongst young girls – but that’s a whole other blog.

If you’re going to put it all out there like a shop window, don’t complain when guys start asking you the price.

You go to a job interview looking slutty and unless it’s for a position as Vivienne Westwood’s personal assistant, you ain’t going to be appointed as CEO.

You might have guessed by now that I have real difficulty looking slutty. I inherited the Prude gene from my mother. I collapsed laughing the other day when we were clearing out the garage and throwing out the spare dog towels.  One of them was none other than mater’s changing tent for the beach. I modelled it for Capt Sensible, both with head protruding from the elasticated hole in the top and then with head invisible beneath the tent – the position required for complicated manoevres involving undergarments. I can’t even begin to count how often that changing tent was seen at Barry Island and Porthcawl.

To me, slutty is having a hole in your tights or wearing white stilettoes with black. It’s stuff that doesn’t really go and it’s pretty unthinkable to wear things like that.

When I was young we were tennis and hockey-playing outdoor types. A little white tennis skirt never looked slutty, nor did the grey flannel divided hockey skirt.

There were no slutty fashions. The most daring we got was shortening our skirts by rolling them over at the waist. A couple of my friends ended up with mid-thigh skirts necessitating a visit to the headmistress. Me? I stuck at knee-length which was still a considerable improvement on the original ridiculous mid-calf length that mumsie was convinced I’d “grow into.”

Actually, in my early teens, midi skirts and clunky shoes were the rage for a bit – until everyone realised they were horrible.

I loved that brown needlecord belted coat that I saved up for. Mum said it made me look like Whistler’s Mother.

My favourite, and to be honest, quite clingy, petrol blue velvet dress (4th year school disco) was described by my sweet brother as being my British Rail dress – it looked like it the fabric they made seat covers out of.

Even today I wouldn’t have a clue how to look slutty. Is it all about really short skirts and bra straps showing or are those old hat and bondage gear is in? And what are “f*ck me” shoes? Do they have that written on them or something?  Someone please give me a clue.

It’s got to be more than revealing cleavage because cleavages are flopping out all over these days. Girls seem to have bigger bosoms than ever. Have you been to M&S lately?  Gloucester must have the biggest girls in the country – I swear they stock 48 GGG!! As Capt Sensible says “Not very exciting if there’s a 46 inch waist aswell.”

If I was forced at gunpoint to have a stab at slutty I’d get a very short clingy dress,laddered black fishnet tights with white stilettoes, apply some bright red lipstick really badly and completely overdo the eye makeup.  I reckon a few tattoos and an ankle chain would complete the picture.

Men have always have their individual fashion freedom so why shouldn’t women?

All together girls:    ”It’s MY HOT BODY and I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!”


I’m just going to change into my sluttiest cream cashmere sweater, my slutty pearls and a nice pair of jeans.


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14 Responses to It’s my HOT BODY!

  1. I never had the thighs for a miniskirt, and I have written before of my penchant for comfortable shoes, however, since Trinny and Susannah highlighted that v-necks were more flattering to ladies with larger bosoms, there are some men who would consider that I have been flashing cleavage on occasion!

    If one ignores women with breast enchancements, I think the increase in sizing is down: 1) better instructions about how to fit a bra (Rigby and Peller have led the way in banning this measurement under the bust plus 4 inches, which effectively adds 4 cup sizes, 2) the amount oestrogen in the water system, 3) the rise in obesity and 4) [my own pet theory after having seen the video of ‘that woman’ on This Morning last week – please feel free to ignore :-D] in some way, something has been inserted into our breasts to irritate the lining (?) and promote continued growth.

    On a more serious note, I attended a workshop for prospective volunteers for a rape and sexual abuse centre a few weeks ago, and was really made to think about whether we would judge a woman who was abused whilst dressed provocatively as contributing to their own attack. In an ideal world, women could wear what they wanted, but in the real world, you have to have some awareness of the potential consequences of your actions.

  2. janh1 says:

    Hi Sophie yes life’s too short to subject yourself to agonising shoes. I only wear heels for a couple of hours at a time on special occasions. Anyway, I’m tall enough as it is!

    Oestrogen in the water is a reasonable theory, Sophie – who’s “that woman”??

    Isn’t that an outdated attitude the “Dressed like that, she was just asking for it?” Men still have a responsibility to keep their hands off and listen when a woman says “No.”

    The difficulties arise when one or both parties are drunk – which I’d say is the main contributory factor to rape and indecent assault, not how the victim was dressed.

    • Chelsea Charms is ‘that woman’. Only open the link if you have supported your jaw:

      As far as whether it is an outdated belief, in 2008, 27% of people surveyed in Scotland said a woman may be to blame for being raped if she was wearing revealing clothing, and 28% of people said that a woman was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was drunk. (Source:

      I don’t think that a woman should ever be blamed for being attacked, but revealing outfits do attract male attention (and are frequently worn by women with that intention), and some men will specifically target vulnerable women (ie pissed ones who may, or may not, be wearing revealing outfits). The issue is about making the men who commit the abuse accountable.

      [I was exercised over the scenario where both parties are extremely drunk though – and I still don’t know what I think on that score]

      • janh1 says:

        Good grief. I would count those bazoongas as disabilities. I certainly wouldn’t be hauling them out for the cameras!

        Interesting stats, Sophie. I’m among those who say a woman is putting herself at risk of all sorts of things if she’s drunk – including assault and rape. If you drink or take drugs so that you have no idea what’s going on and can’t express yourself very clearly, then you must, sadly be partially accountable for the consequences.

  3. Pseu says:

    Reading Sophie’s comment, I wonder just how small I would have been with out these factors. Fried eggs come to mind.

  4. janh1 says:

    I prefer my eggs poached. 🙂

  5. Rape, or any violent crime, is repellent, but clothes have always been part of human language along with wigs, make up and cod-pieces. Perhaps sexuality pervades most aspects of life and fashions, Cocaine Chic, Punk or Regency Fop, exploit materialism prettily. If we didn’t live in a society that values taking what we want (go for it) over giving, things might be different. But underneath the Laura Ashley and the Liberty Prints and Vivian Westwood, perhaps even in the denim subconscious, how do women want to use their undoubted power?

    (F-me shoes are a figment of Germiane Greer’s feminism, a woman thing, clever but crude. Red high heel shoes would only give a message of availability combined with the right clothes and attitude. They would say something different with, say, a traffic warden’s uniform; don’t f-me about, perhaps?)

  6. janh1 says:

    Oh I don’t know. I think uniform combined with ‘f*ck me’ shoes would be devastatingly alluring to some people, your Royal High-heels.

    But going back to your question. What women want really is to get a man and have babies. We’re hard-wired for it. It’s an old-fashioned view but seems to be borne out by the number of young women having babies by any number of men – unless they are purely for Benefits and Housing reasons, of which there are a proportion!

    I always have difficulty deciding whether women giving out overt messages of their wonderful sexuality is an empowering thing or a willing victim thing.

    • I wonder whether it depends on the woman and the circumstances, and there is a spectrum within every woman that goes from empowered through willing victim to unwilling victim. It probably depends on where your self image is.

    • I bow to your greater knowledge about women popping out offspring, but isn’t there a qualifying function that makes potential mothers choose a man who will add something to the child’s life, fun, talent, money, opportunity, looks, or tenderness?

      The question was `how do they want to use that undoubted power?’ I guess in the genetic world individuals are unimportant however much each of us thinks we are in control.

      (p.s. did you click on my name?
      When lovely woman stoops to folly
      The evening can be awfully jolly)

      • janh1 says:

        One can only hope that potential mothers are choosy about their mate’s characteristics but in many that I see, the “picky” gene seems to be missing. I’m mixing with the wrong sort of people, probably 🙂

        I did wonder about the extraneous ‘e’ which I thought had been added purely for extra glamour but now I see you are blatantly advertising clothing including swimwear for the Hot-Bodied Snorkeller. Some of it’s even quite nice 😉

  7. IsobelandCat says:

    I’m more scruff than slut, and since losing waistline and fight with gravity, not at all interested in anything clingy or revealing, though I did love my turquoise lycra mini dress and the black lycra thing that was rather like an Edwardian man’s swimsuit back in the day when I did have a body to flaunt.
    I’ve never had a bust to speak of though, and that’s probably now my best feature as there was never any thing to sag to start with!
    I dislike seeing either men or women walking about half-clothed unless it’s on the beach or by a swimming pool.

  8. janh1 says:

    Turquoise lycra mini-dress? Hussy!! 🙂

    You know, there’s nothing that turns me off buying anything in a supermarket more than some holidaymaker bloke with short shorts, sunburn and a beer gut….

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