Happy St David’s Day

Special day for me today and my countrymen so Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Thankfully, I’m not too far from the border but my heart is still in the valleys, in the hills and on the clifftops overlooking the world’s most beautiful bays.

Wales is where the welcome is always warm and the people are lovely. No airs and graces – just fantastic good humour, male voice choirs,  poetry, literature, homely food and lovely boys playing brilliant rugby.

Brought up in a modest little house on the mountainside, I had the best of childhoods;  freedom to wander and I did, with my best friend Paul. We played with our toy horses in the narrow lane outside the house and we wandered up through the fields to visit the Welsh mountain ponies belonging to the farm. It was a Spring challenge to catch and cuddle a lamb. I never managed it.

I went to church, gave recitals of poems and readings, took part in the Easter and Whitsunday parades wearing the prettiest new dresses and shoes bought especially for the occasions.

So today it’s lovely to play music, read Dylan Thomas, join in with the national anthem and celebrate everything Welsh.  Hope you have a good day too, Welsh or not.

I had to include this…  I’ve been there,  got the goosebumps, and they come back every time.  It’s fab to be Welsh.

Images of Wales….


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3 Responses to Happy St David’s Day

  1. Pseu says:


  2. It was the most fabulous, sunny, warm day here today. I hope you had a similar experience for your special day 😀

  3. janh1 says:

    Not so great here, Sophie but had a good day nevertheless. I work with three Welsh people!

    Thanks Pseu 🙂

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