It was a dark and stormy ride…

Ride today was interesting. Set off too late to get the sunshine, so everything looked pretty grey and ordinary but I was cheered by the thought of a couple of hours free to spend exploring country lanes.

Lots to see, rivers running high and red with Herefordshire soil, newborn lambs with bleating mothers in the meadows, and flocks of crows messing about rocking and rolling in the breeze.

Came upon this church which I can’t remember ever seeing before. Ancient place with well-preserved Norman doorway and 16th century timbered tower. Very peaceful, deserted and open for visitors.

Back on the road with intermittent sunshine, feeling good, doing record “no hands” (it’s easier when you go faster) and singing along with the music player.

I suddenly felt things pinging off my helmet.  Within seconds they were bouncing off the road ahead so thickly they looked like a white mist.   It made me laugh.  Sean Paul was singing “Don’t worry about a thing” on the player and I was cycling through a hailstorm.

Fortunately the lane was quiet and I rode on until the battering turned to rain, which occasionally blew into the side of my face but mostly dripped from the peak of my helmet.   Great to be out in it feeling invigorated and very, very alive.

Stepped up the speed on the homeward run, still feeling good until the final hill when it was gritted teeth going straight into the wind.

Only felt the slightest bit cold when I took my helmet off and saw soaking wet bands of hair where the hail and rain had penetrated the vents.

Showered bike, dried and lubed it and tucked it up nicely in the garage before having a hot shower myself.  It was the best start to the day.





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3 Responses to It was a dark and stormy ride…

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    V intersting church, romanesque and italianate features. Did you do any research?
    Brave of you cycling in the bitter weather.
    My plans to get back in the saddle for March have failed as my bike has not yet been mended…

  2. janh1 says:

    Not brave at all, Isobel. Weather was ok when I started out! 🙂

    I’ll look up this place in my old Kelly’s Directory of Gloucestershire. That usually has good descriptions of architecture.

    Hope you get the bike mended soon. I realise you have other priorities.

  3. janh1 says:

    Quoting from the Kelly’s for Isobel:

    The church of St Mary is a small edifice of stone in the Norman style, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch and a lofty half-timbered western tower containing two bells. On the north side is an elegant Norman doorway.

    If you like Italianate churches, the one at Hoarwithy is exceptional.
    Sir Roy Strong lives not too far away and I seem to remember it’s one of his favourite buildings.

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