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11 Responses to Sea

  1. Araminta says:

    Much better!

    Thanks, Jan

  2. Pseu says:

    Marvellous photo Jan.
    Did you photo shop at all?

  3. Araminta says:

    Here it is as a pic in comment. You can see the HTML if you click on edit.

    If you post it vertically, as you did by mistake then it enlarges the image and you throw away pixels. Sorry it’s not very clear but I’ll try to do better later. 🙂

  4. Araminta says:

    Blimey, so that didn’t work then. 😦

    • janh1 says:

      Ah! Stupid idea to post it vertically, then – had no idea it would enlarge the image. It was pretty tidy before. At least I’ll know next time. 😉

  5. Araminta says:

    One last go at trying to publish your picture in a comment. It works fine on my site, The Chariot but your theme may not support this.

    I could of course be doing it completely wrong. Do feel free to delete my mistakes, Jan, but not the post, because it would then disappear from my thread. 🙂

  6. This picture doesn’t look real at all. I would have assumed that it was a graphic if you hadn’t said that it was a photograph. Sometimes you can capture fabulous images with a camera that you never see with your eyes.

  7. janh1 says:

    Yup, right enough, Sophie…which is the *really* interesting bit. I like taking snaps of movement, especially water, to capture that moment in time that the eye just passes swiftly over.

    This was taken looking more or less vertically down from the pier at the shadow cast by the pier in the moving water. Almost still, but just enough movement to make the pattern nicely random.

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