Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

This evening will be quieter than usual but we will see in 2011 by setting light to a sky lantern and watching it drift gently up towards the stars.

That’s the theory. It may of course, plummet and take half my hair off in a dramatic plume of flame.  Must remember to take damp towel for dowsing.

Proper blog to follow some time over the weekend.

And in the meantime, I give you…… the Sky Lantern!!!!

Managed not to burn the wrong bit.  Absolutely magical watching it drift off silently, gradually gaining height until it was high in the sky above Gloucester.  Fireworks popping and rockets exploding above every horizon.  Brilliant!



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4 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. papaguinea says:

    Sounds and looks glorious. Its a wonder you didn’t see any angels! Wishing your a very happy new year!

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    Oh wow! How do you make one?
    We had fireworks here near the Eye, which as you know I can see from my window. So I was in my new pjs kneeling on the bed looking out. a poor fox was running round the garden in frightened circles at all the noise. It sounded like continuous drum rolls.
    Happy New Year to you

  3. janh1 says:

    Thin paper and a circle of thin bamboo plus a “fuel pad” – but mine was a gift from some friends.

    Lucky you – having a grandstand view of the Thames fireworks! At least twice a year all the city foxes must be pretty traumatised – and there’ll probably be fireworks for the royal wedding too.

    I expected people to set off the odd rocket here and there but some fireworks were still going on at 12.30. Tough if you’re attempting to sleep through N Year!

    Best wishes for a happy New Year to you too 😀

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