Early Sunday morning

Too icy and frosty for cycling locally, so a good opportunity to muffle up for a stroll over the fields with the camera.

It was just after sunrise (cue James Taylor) and the sun rose into a clear blue sky but mist soon rose to envelop it, diffusing and changing the light constantly.

Not the best pics but a nice reminder of a worthwhile walk, noticing the little things that you don’t see when you’re tonking along on a bike.  Plus, it sharpens the appetite for brekkies.











Frosty velvet.

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Part-time hedonist.
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6 Responses to Early Sunday morning

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    Aargh I’d swing to take these photos. Especially the top one. Gorgeous.
    But do you really mean you went out for a walk before breakfast? On a Sunday?

  2. If these are not very good pictures then I’d like to see what you think is a good picture!

  3. valzone says:

    Hi Jan. These are super images, each telling the winter story, excellent, all of them.

    It was very brave to venture out, on a Sunday, and before breakfast as well, brrrrr

    • janh1 says:

      Thanks, Val. We had a totally spectacular thick white frost early today but sadly I was on my way to work with no opportunity to wait for the light to take any pics. Incredibly pretty, fragile, intricate twiggy patterns revealed – silver birches just too beautiful.

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