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Just an update on the kittens, who are gorgeously cuddly and adorable and sweet and still, considering they are having an outdoor constitutional most days now, remarkably fragrant.

They are five months old. Leo is sleek and it is quite incredible to see how he is developing bone and muscle. You don’t necessarily notice it in a puppy. You notice growth but, maybe because I’ve always had spaniels, not the musculature particularly. But Leo is turning into a fine specimen of kitten. He has shoulders and he moves with insoucient feline grace and rippling muscles. My only worry is that his head is not keeping up and he will end up a kind of pin-headed cat. Like one of those body-builders. All muscle, hardly any room for brain.

He purrs incredibly loudly and rolls over for a tummy tickle like a dog, comes when he’s called when he’s indoors but just forget it when he’s outside. Oh no, when he’s outside he thinks he knows best – although he is completely dunder-headed. So far he has been rescued from next door’s garden and has had to be rescued from spindly overhanging branches of robinia bush where he was in danger of falling into next-door-spaniels waiting jaws. I think it will take him a while to learn the cunning and dexterity necessary for the Great Outdoors.

This morning he totally ignored being called in, jumped from the plum tree on to the fence, walked four very wobbly uncertain steps and fell off into next door’s garden again. There was no rescuing him this time as they weren’t in and I’m not about to go scaling someone else’s grapevine to rescue dumb kitten.

I gave it an hour and he was back in the plum tree trying to pretend he’d been there all the time. When he saw he, he rushed to the back door and walked in, tail high.

Lily, on the other hand, had passed the time when big brother was missing, by playing footie with me and a ball of silver foil. She progressed to a brilliant game of fetch while I Skyped no 2 son I lobbed the ball, she brought it back. At least twenty times. So today, Lily was the dog.

She is the sweetest thing. She is so light, it’s as if she’s made of softest fur and feathers. She’s growing slowly – a small chunky thing with padded feet.

She’s given up shredding the greenery in favour of watching TV.  She sits in front of it and tries to catch passing items with her mitten paws. She particularly likes the moving cursor of a Wii game.

Leo sees nothing on the TV whatsoever. He’s happy to slumber upside down on the sofa with his mouth drooping open so you can see his tiny little white teeth. He’d much rather get inside a box and sit there, or maybe lie inside a bag on the floor.

He plays a frantic feline version of ping pong but that comes with its own problems.  Only the other evening,m I had to enlist DT man’s assistance.

“Give me a hand a minute? Leo’s got his balls stuck under the piano.”










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10 Responses to Kitten news

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    So much for eddie Izzard’s sketch then about cats not having wobbly moments “Easy Ginger, I’ll just talk you through it…” or something nearly like that.

    It is amazing how you look at your cat and can see the lion in him. But why do domestic cats have pointy ears and lions round ones? That’s waht i want to know.

    Lily looks like she’s the anchor cat on The One Show or similar…

  2. janh1 says:

    Totally, Isobel. I have never seen a cat look so inept 🙂

    Oh gosh, have no clue about ear shape inheritance. There’s bound to be someone who knows… Rupert Sheldrake! I like him and he responds to emails.

    Does the One Show have an anchor cat? 🙂
    Surely the Meow Show.

    She loves it on the arm of the sofa because the reading lamp is just above and she gets the heat.

  3. IsobelandCat says:

    “Surely the Meow Show.” Fabulous. She looks like she’s waiting for her cue to start speaking,
    “And now over to Leo on the fence…”

  4. janh1 says:

    😀 The Neow Show, even. Bet it would get higher viewing figures!! There would, of course, be a regular guest spot for Cat to relate his close brushes with Fox.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous kittens! I’m glad Lily has now grown into her collar – far more fitting for that Glamour Puss 😀

    I think toms are more bold than queens which may explain why Leo gets into more scrapes. Interesting that he doesn’t watch TV. Bertha will watch TV but Mackenzie doesn’t. I have some video of her watching Meerkat Manor and One Man and His Dog I think. I shall post links.

    • janh1 says:

      Hi Sophie. Think you’re right about the boldness of the male compared to female. Lily is more of a huntress because she’s more subtle. He just crashes around clumsily amongst the twigs in the tops of small trees.

      Sniggering hopelessly here at the image of Bertha and Lily glued to the antics at Meerkat Manor!!

      Rolls my springer used to enjoy One Man and His Dog. When the sheep were driven across the screen (exit stage right) he used to try to nip around the back of the TV to head em off!

  6. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the original of Bertha watching Meerkat Manor but I have uploaded One Man and His Dog:

    Mackenzie may have been beside her but didn’t really ‘get’ it in the same way as she did. At the beginning, it does look like she was following something round the back of the TV.

  7. janh1 says:

    Love it! Yup that’s Lily’s style too. Whack it with The Paw!!

  8. I saw this and thought of Lily:

    Does Lily have an extra toe on each paw?

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent! Those “thumbs” show really well with the white mittens on.

      Yes she has five toes on each paw. What she lacks in leaping ability, she makes up for with climbing skills – and patting small balls around the place.

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