Necessarily transient

Little things mean a lot

How trite. How true.

A small difference.

Just words, really.

Words on a page.

Black on white. Simple but transforming.

Higher than a sugar rush

a joy to make the heart leap

or a gathered quiet pleasure

Can’t stem the sudden smiles

the possibilities

of embracing the world,

of seeing everything in more colour, more sharply, more real

A lightness of spirit, a mind unfettered,

free as the flickering speck high in the blue singing his soul-piercing song

One month-long glorious day

lying secret under heavy oak boughs

beside a sleeping lover

Distant cricket on the green

daisies in my fingers

a Simpson’s sky above,

diamonds of sunshine sparkling through the leafy canopy

that’s how it feels

this purity of pleasure

necessarily transient

for who has the right to feel

at this intensity

for more than a few moments

the truth…

that it’s not things

but people

which make life beautiful.



About janh1

Part-time hedonist.
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One Response to Necessarily transient

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    So true.
    Those little moments when the world is more vivid, more breathtaking, more perfect.

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