The eve of Freedom Day

Well, it’s Freedom Day for the kittens tomorrow. Sunday morning will be their first real look at the garden.


It’s very shrubby around the edges so I’m hoping the grass, the pond and the interesting nearer bits will occupy them so they don’t feel the need to venture too far while they are still comparatively tiddly – four months old.


Leo has a new red collar bearing the legend “microchipped” with a red bell while Lily has his old collar, reflective silver with a bell. I did buy her a similar red one but she removed it immediately and easily as it’s a bit big.


They are both growing. Leo seems heavy for his size and his legs seem to be growing disproportionately. He now stands on slim tall legs, rather like one of those decorative hall tables if you can imagine one with a tall upright tail. Lily is growing too. I like her face shape. It is wide and squat with a receding chin. She’s a pretty little thing with long long whiskers and is still small for her age but square and kind of chunky with her mitten paws and semi-long coat.


They are both over being snipped and microchipped. Lily took a slightly worrying time to recover – quite slow and not herself for a couple of days afterwards. Made me feel quite cruel putting her through it but she only has one stitch and recovery has been straightforward so I suppose it’s for her own good in the long-term. Leo hardly noticed anything had gone and hissed at Lily a couple of times when she was feeling fragile, poor thing but relations seem to have returned to normal now.


For the past two weeks Leo has been possessed by a wanderlust. He feels its time he had a change of scene. There was a day last week when I assumed he was snoozing somewhere, took some laundry out to the dryer in the garage and found him standing stock still and confused in the gloom of the garage near the bikes.


He purred loudly, relieved to see me and shot straight back into the house like an exocet missile. I have a windowsill full of orchid plants in the kitchen and he had somehow sprung up on to it and launched himself out of the top small window, which was only open a crack for ventilation. Unbelieveable really. But a friend advised me that cats can really jump. Her Siamese used to leap on to the top of a wardrobe from a standing start. Makes me want to investigate their anatomy. No dog can do that.


I encouraged Leo to follow me outside on another occasion when I had to nip to the garage for something but that time, he just stood on the terrace by the door waiting, and again, ran back into the house as though his life depended on it.


Tomorrow will be interesting. They do tend to come when called and follow me but whether that behaviour will endure outdoors, I have yet to discover.


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6 Responses to The eve of Freedom Day

  1. valzone says:

    I think most animals know where home and food is, they may just wonder about but keep looking back to make sure home is still in sight. I’m sure they’ll soon get the idea that “Hey, this is fun”.

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    Look at the back feet.
    I suspect Cat’s father was a rabbit. Sounds like your friend’s Siamese could have some hare or wallaby in its dna.
    Hope you have the home movie camera for their first
    outdoor adventures. Do you have any long stemmed plants? Kittens tend to enjoy those, after their initial surprise at plants that bend over and then bounce back.

  3. janh1 says:

    I have looked. They are rather long and powerful but a wardrobe??? Think you’re right about the wallaby dna.

    Good advice, thanks Isobel. I did take some movie but they were either static or flashing from here to there so it’s not very good!

  4. Ah, its Leo’s who doesn’t like to wear his collar. Poor Lily: being given hand me downs 😀

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