Some piccies

I haven’t written anything for a while so I’m making up for lost time today.

Here are a few random pics.  The kittens, obviously.  I have gorgeous Lily very warmly curled up on my lap at the moment.   They went wild when no 2 son was playing with them with a piece of string.

The foals are on one of my regular cycle circuits.  They are very sweet indeed but quite wary of people and as they are tethered, I don’t like to go near them.  It’s scary enough seeing me pass by on my bike, without making matters worse!  They belong to the local travellers and seem well looked-after.   Got to love their hairy feet and sticky-uppy manes as though someone’s been at it with large consignment of ultra-firm hairspray.







Leo. Hi 5!




Leo at full stretch




Things get ugly








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13 Responses to Some piccies

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    I don’t know why, but I didn’t get a notification of this one. Shock horror.

    Love the full stretch. And the sticking out tongue!

    Have your kittens been outside yet? Even at his advanced age, Cat still goes crazy on a windy day and tears around the place, chasing leaves, and flattening his ears against his head to look like a wild beast.

    V pretty foals. They look good and sturdy. I see what you mean about their manes. Not very My Little Pony are they.

  2. janh1 says:

    Hi – no they have no knowledge of the outside world other than what they’ve seen through windows. They have ten days or so until they are snipped and then it’ll depend on how long it take teeny Lily to recover.

    Should be brilliant in the garden by then with lots of fallen leaves to play in. 🙂

  3. IsobelandCat says:

    But watch out for fireworks.
    I don’t know how rural you are. Cat used to be terrified of fireworks (increasing deafness has at least one advantage) and I am terrified of someone tying a rocket or something to his tail, so he doesn’t get a lot of freedom once October arrives until after 5th November.

    • janh1 says:

      Actually, that’s a really good point about the fireworks. We’re in a village so quite rural but people around here do like fireworks.

      I used to get the dogs used to loud bangs by playing with crisp packets and make a game of it (anyway, springer spaniels *are* gundogs but I don’t somehow think that will work with the kittens.

  4. Leo’s spotty tummy makes me wonder if they have some Bengal in them?

    Does Leo have all 4 paws on the string in the picture with his tongue out or is Lily joining in too?

    Traveller’s horses are always colourful and sturdy.

  5. janh1 says:

    Hi Sophie, yes I wondered about the Bengal thing too but a friend who knows loads about cats says they’re more likely to be related to some kind of pedigree tabby which has a spotty tum. I’ve no idea myself.

    Yes I think that’s Lily in her bell-ringer position. 🙂

    Some of those foals are beautiful. The black and white ones so remind me of the rocking horse I had as a kid.

  6. IsobelandCat says:

    You can still try to get them sued to loud noises and not react when the fireworks are going off. I used to pull down the blinds, have the tv on or play music and try to ignore the whole thing. Not easy when he would shoot to and fro trying to escape the noise.

  7. IsobelandCat says:

    or used.
    Though I like the idea of Cat suing someone for letting off fireworks.

  8. janh1 says:

    Actually, it’s taking them a while to get used to the piano. I didn’t play it at first and when I do they make themselves scarce. They think Moonlight Sonata is devilish scary 🙂

    Yes I liked the sue thing too. Everyone needs a typo in their life occasionally.

  9. IsobelandCat says:

    Have you seen the footage of Nora the piano loving cat?
    She’s easy to find on google.
    How do they react to dancing?
    Cat is very disapproving.

  10. janh1 says:

    No I haven’t seen Nora. The kitts will sit on the piano but only if I’m not playing it! 🙂

    You mean dancing wildly around the kitchen? Haven’t done that for ages and I’m rather afraid I’d trample them – although they disappear fairly sharpish when they feel threatened.

  11. IsobelandCat says:

    In my case the bedroom, sitting room or getting dry after a bath/shower. The kitchen is too small.
    Yes that sort of thing. Not even wildly…
    I think he has a puritanical streak.

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