Sunset ride

Best ride for ages this evening. Work, half an hour at home then out. The sun was low in the sky as I left at 7pm and I was wondering whether to just do a quick half hour or let it run on a bit.

It only took me 12 mins to get to the first hill so I thought i’d do the circuit which includes moleman hill. It drops away from his cottage steeply then jinks left by a house where you have to brake lest something come around the corner and disaster ensues.

Totally glorious cycling through that fabulous rosy gold sunset light, seeing my silhouette  against the road and hedges every now and then. Reminded me of some peachy cycling video featuring a sunrise ride with a beautiful carved bridge, water and that fresh, fabulous early morning light. I encountered three runners and two other cyclists. They all smiled and nodded. You could tell they were all loving being out too.

Reached 34.7mph descending moleman hill which is a record for me (it’s a 30mph limit – haaaa!!!) and 21mph on main road with, admittedly, very gradual slope (so not much to write home about). Still suffering on the hills which are just fecking uncomfortable but I’m at least attempting to resist changing down, which is working to an extent but is even more knackering.

Nice stretch of stripped road surface where the cars etc had to slow right down and I was just zipping by on the inside – one of the unexpected benefits from riding knobbly tyres on  stripped off  tarmac.

The reward was slowing on the bridge and seeing the river flat calm and smooth with wet mudbanks shining bronze in the last of the sunlight.

No, actually the greater reward was coming up the short sharp slope of the old Telford Severn Bridge and seeing the setting sun dead ahead level with the road surface. Amazing;  like the sun was setting below the road.

26 miles. Average 14mph but I did dawdle by the river on the way back. It’s allowed sometimes.  Oh yes.


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6 Responses to Sunset ride

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    Jan, I feel like a lazy slob when I read this.
    And jealous!
    Have a great weekend.

    • janh1 says:

      Hi Isobel! Blimey you found this quickly. This was just for me, really. Didn’t want to forget it. Might be the last decent ride of the summer 🙂

      You have a good weekend too! I’m driving up to Aberystwyth tomorrow. Lovely toodle through mid-Wales and the Cambrian mountains to the sea.

  2. I am impressed by your speed and obvious enjoyment.

    Do you have a speedometer on your bike?

    • janh1 says:

      Hi Sophie. Yes breaking the speed limit was important for inexplicable reasons. I can die happy now.

      Only had the cycle computer for the last week or so though – birthday prez from the eldest son. It’s a mixed blessing. Shows wonderful downhill speeds but horribly, demoralisingly slow climbing rate.

  3. Sophiescott says:

    In that case you should only use it on routes where you travel downhill or on the flat. I’m sure such a routes exist. Somewhere 😀

    • janh1 says:

      Yes I could start on the Andes plateau and work down. I should be able to get a very decent average speed! Just need a little tank of oxygen and job’s a good ‘un!

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