Bell and Bauer

Two of my favourite TV characters together.  The possibilities are endless.

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4 Responses to Bell and Bauer

  1. theroyalist says:

    Hello Jan

    This is a fine review of the JR programme, better than any of the columnists in the papers. Big Stringer was my favourite character in The Wire, so much so that I considered writing his obituary in MYT. As plain Idris Elba he is not as cool as Big Sammy Jackson on the evidence of the Johnny Ross show.

    Nice hypothesis on a Wire24 series. Conflict is the essence of drama and there would be tensions between CTU and The Detail. McNulty would infuriate Bauer causing Jack to storm off in a strop. Furrowing his brow, McNulty would say.
    “WTF did I do?”

  2. janh1 says:

    Hi. Good to find another fan of The Wire and 24. The party just needed Tony Soprano to be complete. 😀

    You still could write that obituary you know…
    Stringer had such a swaggering sophistication and grand ideals for a hoodlum.

    His mission statement was a gem : “Product, motherfuckers, product.”

    I just loved the boardroom scenes at the hotel with “chair recognise your ass.” Laughing now, remembering the quote from the floor:
    “Do the chair know we gonna look like punk-ass bitches out there?”

    Too good. Yes, on Wossy, Idris’s Hackney roots were showing too much whereas Samuel Jackson has effortless cool oozing from every single pore.

    Bauer and McNulty go together like oil and water. It could actually make seriously good TV!

  3. Hi Jan
    lovely pictures and nice to see your place . Are you going to post any extracts from what you are writing? And may be some of your entertaining blogs?
    It is really isou and shall do it again soon. nice to visit y

    • janh1 says:

      Thanks, Sabina. This is weird, having a visitor. I should maybe put the kettle on and get out the cake 😀 There will definitely be blogs but I’m reluctant to post extracts in case someone nicks the idea and runs with it.

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