A stroll on the Gower

Met no1 son in Swansea recently on a mild, sunny spring afternoon for a coast path stroll from Mumbles to Langland and Caswell Bays and beyond.

Astonishingly tame robins posed on either side of the cliff path for us to take snaps. There were five of them, flitting and hopping about, posing and looking photogenic as only robins can;  blatantly hoping to make it on to a Christmas card or two.

Only two surfers spotted.  They must have been christening new boards or practising their paddling as surf most definitely wasn’t up.

Very pleasant sitting outside the little caff perched overlooking Langland Bay having a cuppa.  The Langland Bay brasserie looks good for anyone interested but we weren’t in the mood for a posh lunch – we were heading to Wasabi in Uplands later for some  Japanese food.

The oystercatchers were calling and running along the shore of Bracelet Bay when we returned and the lights were coming on all around Swansea Bay.



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Part-time hedonist.
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5 Responses to A stroll on the Gower

  1. Pseu says:

    Well, that’s your Christmas card sorted for next year then Jan. Excellent

  2. Pseu says:

    PS I reposted the cycling in Blenheim blog for you over on my site

  3. valzone says:

    Stunning, simply stunning Jan.

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