Oh Blipping Hell!

Drat and double-drat.

I have, by chance, discovered something so cool that it may be difficult to find time to ever write, work, play piano or even leave the computer again.

I’m quite keen on music.  It’s important to me.  It makes the difference.  Not all the time but often I can go places in my mind with music,  relax, visualise, allow myself to be inspired in ways that nothing else can match.

And so I have found Blip.fm an amazing website where you can select your favourite music, play it with You Tube clips or just have it playing in the background. You are the DJ.  You can share music, keep it, listen to other people’s choices, expand your music horizons in every direction.

It’s cooler than Spotify,  which is mostly Europe-specific.  It’s possibly  the coolest thing since You Tube and Google.

The only question is, have I enough time left in my life to explore it properly?

Well yes.   Of course.  But now, at this moment in time, my piano conscience is pricking me. I must go practice.   I sounded like Les Dawson playing that simple Mozart piece yesterday and my Local Hero falters alarmingly at times.  Could do better.

Track of the day is from the film The Departed.


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2 Responses to Oh Blipping Hell!

  1. isobelandcat says:

    Sounds good. Mustn’t visit it until I’ve done some, no, lots of, work, but I shall, oh yes, I shall. thanks for the tip.

  2. janh1 says:

    Hi Isobel. It is good – and all free. Like you, I just need more time to use it!

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